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Jukebox is a feature added to Bloons TD 6 that was first introduced on Version 17.0. It allows players to customize a playlist of all BTD6 soundtracks into each game. Some soundtracks are available by default, while some need to be bought via the Trophy Store. These songs can be added or taken from the Jukebox's "Playlist", which will play in order during a game. Bought songs will not automatically enter the playlist.


See also: Music

As of Version 39.0:

  • Sunset Samba (e.g. Logs)
  • Tropical Carnival (e.g. Muddy Puddles)
  • Winter Nights (e.g. Frozen Over)
  • Tribes & Tribulations (e.g. Dark Castle)
  • Jazz Theme (e.g. Park Path)
  • Sunshine Serenade (e.g. Monkey Meadow)
  • Fiesta Flamenco (e.g. Town Center)
  • Sails Again (e.g. Spice Islands)
  • Main Theme (since Version 18.0)
  • Carnival - Complextro (since Version 19.0)
  • Serenade - Gameboy (since Version 19.0)
  • Party - Fiesta (since Version 19.0)
  • Tribes - Funked (since Version 19.0)
  • Sunset - Silent Night (since Version 20.0)
  • Fiesta - Synthwave (since Version 21.0)
  • Jingle Bloons (since Version 22.0)
  • BMC Street Party (since Version 23.0)
  • Tropical Carnival Octopus (since Version 26.0)
  • Primal One (since Version 27.0)
  • Onslaught (since Version 28.0)
  • Haunted House (since Version 28.0)
  • Winter Nights Chilled (since Version 29.0)
  • Sunshine - Fiesta (since Version 31.0)
  • Sunset - 64 Mix (37.0)
  • Fiesta Flamenco - Helium Heights Mix (38.0)
  • Tropical Carnival - Classy Brass Mix (39.0)

Version History[]

Just UI changes and more songs.

  • BUFF Loop option added
  • BUFF Jukebox should no longer scroll to the bottom of the song list when opened
  • Added a shuffle button to randomize songs.



  • On Version 17.0, there were no skip song buttons on either side of the options menu for the Jukebox, when Jukebox is enabled. Since Version 17.1, these skip song buttons were added to allow movement between soundtracks in the option menu.
  • Jazz Theme is the menu music in BTD5.
  • Street Party is the song that plays in Grass, Hills, and Jungle terrain in BMC.
  • In Boss Bloon Events and boss tiles of Contested Territory, boss musics always play when the bosses appear, even with none of them included in enabled Jukebox.