An old world magazine filled with comedy gold. Increases range, especially for long time fans like Finn and Ice King.
~ BATTD description
Issue of Ble

Issue of BLE is an Uncommon Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD, first added in Version 1.1. It gives the character 2% extra range, with an extra 5% extra range when equipped to Finn or Ice King. It can be obtained from a Uncommon Wish Orb, or occasionally from a Common Wish Orb or a Rare Wish Orb. It can be sharded for 25 Shards.


BLE is a comic book series about some anthropomorphic burger called BLE.


  • As one of the few range-increasing trinkets that can be added to Ice King, he benefits much from the Issue of BLE, particular for its Uncommon status.
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