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Use a Tier 5 Insta Monkey. NOTE: even after being used, Instas still count toward your collection
~ BTD6 achievement description

Instant Gratification is an achievement in Bloons TD 6, released in Version 22.0. It can be achieved by placing any tier 5 Insta-Monkey in a game. Earning this achievement will reward BloonjaminsIcon100 and 1 random tier 5 Insta-Monkey.



The strategy for getting Instant Gratification needs two factors: getting the Tier 5 Insta, and using it. Provided a Tier 5 Instamonkey is unlocked, which is best obtained via T5 Insta rewards such as I'm the Boss, use any Tier 5 Instamonkey earned. Aside from subsequently getting the achievement from doing so, use that T5 Instamonkey wisely.


  • To obtain a tier 5 Insta-Monkey, it is recommended to wait until a Collection Event and then grind items until the player opens a Diamond Crate that contains a tier 5 Insta-Monkey.
  • It is recommended to place down a tier 5 Insta-Monkey on a game mode and map that the player has not completed but is difficult to complete, such as Half Cash on Expert Difficulty maps.
  • Although not recommended (in time sake) unless the player has grinded enough tier 5s, placing down a duplicate of a tier 5 insta-monkey will allow the player to gain the achievement without losing the opportunity to use the tier 5 insta-monkey again.
  • The player instantly gains a random tier 5 Insta-Monkey upon completing this achievement. The worst outcome that can possibly be obtained from the random tier 5 is a duplicate of a tier 5 insta the player owns (assuming that a duplicate tier 5 insta wasn't used to unlock this achievement).