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Druid of the Jungle instakilling a Fortified Lead Bloon, an example of Instakill


Instakilling a MOAB by hooking in a MOAB with Monkey Pirates

Instakill (also Insta-kill) is an attack behavior characterized by instantly destroying a bloon, including all layers inside, regardless of bloon health. It is part of the damage types family. Only a few attacks can instakill, and of those only a few can instakill blimps.

Instakill is represented on Bloons Wiki as Instakill Bloon(s) (unspecified types of bloons targeting, and quantity), the upgrade artwork for Druid of the Jungle in Bloons TD 6, due to its cheap but unique property of such. The blimp-specific variant is Instakill Blimp Instakill Blimp(s) (unspecified types of bloons targeting, and quantity), the upgrade artwork for Monkey Pirates, which can only instakill blimps and is the classic example of such. It is distinguished by Extra Damage Extra damage to all bloon types (unspecified damage) and its subsets because Instakill kills all bloons and every descendent underneath. In the case of blimps, it is distinguished from Downgrade Layer Downgrade Layer (removes 1 layer off of affected bloon, regardless of health) because Downgrade Layer only guarantees skipping the current layer, including MOAB-class, while Instakill guarantees destroying the blimp in its entirety, children and all.

Typical examples of instakill include Druid of the Jungle, Monkey Pirates, Bloon Trap, Psi and Super Monkey Storm. Ezili's MOAB Hex is considered an instakill in practical gameplay, since it is a status effect that involves an eventual instakill, but is more of an indirect Instakill. Similarly, Bloon Master Alchemist is considered an Instakill in practical play, but as its own Red Bloon Transform Red Bloon Transform (unspecified damage) due to how it is not technically an Instakill but is categorized as such due to it practically is one. A lesser known example of instakill, is the Legend of the Night's Black Hole ability, which has the unique power to instakill up to and including BADs.

Simply dealing very high damage to obliterate MOAB-class bloons does not count as Instakill Blimp, but rather as just a high value of Extra Damage Extra damage to all bloon types (unspecified damage) plus Penetrates Blimp Penetrates Blimp (can penetrate through MOAB-class bloons). Ground Zero and Tsar Bomba abilities can penetrate damage through MOAB-class bloons, but these are technically not instakill. In a case where MOAB-class bloons may theoretically have infinite health, neither can pop even the bare layer of any MOAB-class bloon. In the case of Megalodon (Instakill BADs up to Round 146 in standard conditions) and Nautic Siege Core (Instakill non-fortified BADs up to Round 119 in standard conditions), which can only instantly kill a BAD with low enough health, it isn't considered a true Instakill, instead more of an immensely high-damage blimp penetration.

In case of Level 20 Ezili, it deals percentage damage over time. However, this isn't considered a true instakill. As BADs get faster as round flows, they will outrun its ability due to fast speed. On shorter maps like #OUCH, Ezili can't even solo a BAD before Round 200.

Almost all towers require an upgrade to instakill, although the Bloons TD 6 Hero Psi and the Bloons Adventure Time TD allies Abracadaniel and Grassy Wizard can instakill bloons at their base. Also the higher tier means the stronger bloons can be affected. For example, Monkey Pirates can only instakill MOABs and BFBs, but Pirate Lord can instakill ZOMGs and DDTs too.

All non-boss bloons are vulnerable to some variant of Instakill except for the Big Airship of Doom (and Golden Bloon in BTD6), with four major exceptions. In Bloons TD 6, the Legend of the Night's Black Hole Ability, and Navarch of the Seas' Claw ability can instakill BADs. Also in BTD6, the Rock Bloon can be instakilled by a variety of towers with instakills, except for the Navarch's automated hooks, Legend of the Night's Black Hole, Megalodon, and MOAB Hex from Ezili and Psi's attacks irregardless of level. In Bloons Adventure Time TD, the Dimension Disruptor power and Abraham Lincoln's Penny instakill everything on the screen when a fatal leak occurs, BADs included.

Towers with Instakill Attacks[]

All attacks that can instakill a high level of bloon can also instakill all lower levels, restricted via their targeting options (for example, MOAB Takedown is unable to target Bloons).

Instakill Bloon:[]

  • Druid of the Jungle's Jungle Vine attack (needs Hard Thorns for Leads)
  • Bloon Trap's Bloon Trap
  • Psi's psionic shockwaves attack at base level (needs level 6 for Leads, 7 for Ceramics, 13 for Purples)

Instakill Blimp:[]

Instakill MOAB or BFB:[]

  • Bomb Blitz's Bomb Blitz passive ability (MOABs and below, DDT and BFB health threshold 2000)
  • Monkey Pirates' MOAB Takedown ability (only targets MOAB-class, up to BFBs)
  • Great White's bite attack at maximum Beast power (only MOABs, RBE threshold 250,000)
  • Orca's bite attack at base Beast power (BFB RBE threshold 250,000)
  • Obyn Greenfoot's Wall of Trees
  • Psi's psionic shockwaves at higher levels (level 14 for MOABs, level 16 for BFBs)

Instakill ZOMG and DDT:[]

When there are multiple ZOMGs and DDTs on screen, then DDTs will be prioritized for an instakill trigger. (Fortified DDTs > DDTs > Fortified ZOMGs > ZOMGs)

  • Pirate Lord's MOAB Takedown ability (ZOMG consumes 2 hooks, can instakill up to 3 DDTs at once)
  • Navarch of the Seas' automatic harpoons attack (ZOMG consumes 2 hooks)
  • XXXL Trap's XXXL Trap
  • Orca's bite attack at maximum Beast Power (RBE threshold 250,000)
    • Megalodon's bite attack (BAD RBE threshold 250,000)
  • Psi level 20 psionic shockwaves
  • Ezili level 10-19 MOAB Hex (percentage damage over time, might not beat DDT alone due to their fast speed)

Instakill BAD:[]

Instakill Rock Bloon:[]

Rock Bloons cannot be instakilled if it is immune against the instakilling tower's class. Heroes and map-specific towers lack a class, so they can always instakill or damage Rock Bloons.