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It's time to test out new strategies and prove that the pen is mightier than the sword on our all new battlefield, Ink Blot.
~ Ninja Kiwi's iTunes update description for version 2.1

Ink Blot is a track released on October 24, 2014 in version 2.1 for Bloons TD Battles Mobile. It also appears on Bloons TD Battles. It was removed on Bloons TD Battles Mobile on update 3.2 because, according to NinjaKiwi, it was the most skipped map. It was later reintroduced but only to Ceramic Crucible and higher arenas.


Flash version

Ink Blot is a rather simple track that has four paths (two on each side). One path on each side is for the natural Bloons, and the other is for the sent Bloons. Monkey Buccaneers and Monkey Subs can be placed in the ink blots, as the blots act as pools of water.


Main article: Ink Blot/Strategies

Strategy 1: It is best to maybe start with a 4-2 boomerang tower at the end of the track, as this will do so, will pop the grouped bloons easily.

Strategy 2: Spam boats until its round 4. Upgrade them to 2-1. Best if all sold and replaced with a 2-3 boat. But get some other towers. Pinks may pass through easily.


  • This map was discontinued in update 3.2 of mobile for reasons of being the most skipped map, according to NinjaKiwi. It was, however, added to private matches due to backlash from the BTD Battles Mobile community.
    • July 22th 2016's BTD5 Daily Challenge was named "RIP Ink Blot", named after the discontinuation of this map.
    • However, on update ?, it was readded to the public track list, but only on Ceramic Crucible arenas and higher.