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Beat round 100 on Deflation Mode
~ BTD6 achievement description
Deflated Achievement New Icon Stuffs

Inflated achievement

Inflated is an achievement in Bloons TD 6, released on initial release. It can be achieved by completing Round 100 on Deflation. Earning this achievement will reward BloonjaminsIcon100.



Plan well ahead of the mid-game by setting up towers designed for the late-game. Always use a Hero, preferably Captain Churchill or Gwendolin, in order to make the most value out of the restricted money conditions in the game. Additionally account for Round 81+ round ramping, including Super Ceramics and the scaling health and speed of blimps.


  • Captain Churchill will normally be the most valuable hero for reaching up to Round 100 on Deflation, as his slow but gradually stronger power scales up as he levels further.
  • Gwendolin's Heat It Up upgrade becomes extremely useful against DDTs.
  • Due to the Monkey Buccaneer's unique front-and-back dart attacks, it is a good idea to use a 3-1-0 Destroyer in the middle of a decent lake spot with optimal map coverage. 3-2-0 Destroyers are not always necessary with Gwendolin, but they do ensure that they consistently pop DDTs (provided camo detection).
  • There is value in utilizing Druids with Heart of Vengeance. Leaking lives makes them attack faster, up to 100% faster for 90 lives lost. Intentionally leak the Camos from Round 33, 36, and 37, provided the Mana Shield MK is active. Otherwise, leak the Camos from Round 33 and 36, and then use a 3-0-0 Sub to manually "choose" a few Camos to leak. Then upgrade the Druids to Druid of Wrath, Poplust, and Druid of the Storm.
  • Try an easier map to attempt this achievement, such as Logs, Cubism, or Resort. Avoid maps where Villages are difficult to place in the center, such as Park Path, as Monkey Commerce Villages are very essential for various of the low-level upgrades used for Deflation Mode.
  • If this achievement is too difficult to perform, use Double Cash and copying a Round 100 Least Cost CHIMPS (LCC) tower combination should help trivialize this achievement.
    • Actually there was an insane record for Least Cost CHIMPS (LCC) in logs. Although significant micro was involved and used the 0-2-2 Ice that could permafreeze Super Ceramics, it took $18,325 to beat Round 100, even though that strategy required lots of micro. Brickell + T-Rex + 000 Spactory + 022 Ice run on CHIMPS.
    • Since that record was achieved on Hard Difficulty, where bloons move faster and tower prices are higher than normal. However, since Deflation Mode is a submode for Easy Difficulty, which means you can do this much easier than its counterpart. $18,325 for hard prices means you can do this with only $14,450 on easy mode. Just build more towers with leftover cash.


  • The achievement was almost impossible due to the Gwen 6.0 nerfs, but was done by Aliensrock a few days after 6.0.
  • It is possible to beat Round 140 in Deflation with using Double Cash and maximum Monkey Knowledge, even though this is a bit "cheaty" strategy. In this case, you need Ezili because of very tanky Fortified BAD on Round 140.