Inferno Ring
Deadly inferno of flame roasts Bloons into oblivion.
~ BTD6

Inferno Ring is the final upgrade on the third path for the Tack Shooter in Bloons TD 6. It creates an endless fire ring and increases the range of the Tack Shooter as well. All bloons (excluding Camo Bloons) inside the ring deal 4 damage per 0.5 seconds, with MOAB-class bloons dealing an extra +6 damage per 0.5 seconds. Although the Inferno Ring is devastating against most bloons, it cannot pop Purple Bloons. Additionally, every 7 seconds, it shoots a meteor at the strongest bloon on screen, dealing 700 damage. It costs $42,500 on Easy, $50,000 on Medium, $54,000 on Hard and $60,000 on Impoppable.

Version History


Buff Inferno Ring increased damage to MOAB-class (5 → 8). Normal bloon damage still 2 damage.


Buff Inferno Ring damage increased from 2 → 4 (still does +6 damage to MOAB-class)


Buff Inferno Ring gains a homing meteor attack aimed at the strongest bloon on screen. It activates every 7 seconds, and deals 700 damage.


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