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The main difficulty of the map comes from the fact that spaces for tower placements are severely limited, but both pathes are moderately long, and the bloon pattern is simple, and towers with enough range can often reach both pathes.

Because there isn't much space for towers like Monkey Village or for towers that requires large numbers to work like Grandmaster Ninja across the map, using simple tower combinations that allows towers to attack all bloon types over a large range (if not global) as well as dealing much damage on their own is recommended. For example, Acidic Mixture Dip added to a tower with camo detection can pop Camo Leads (and DDTs should it have enough attack power) with ease. The player should also be careful when placing the towers so that they can fit the towers on the small islands. This is especially important on modes like C.H.I.M.P.S. and challenges where selling is disabled.

If you wish to complete deflation mode the simplest strategy for Infernal as of 17.0 is to use a 0/2/5 sniper on the right side of the map (targeting on first the entire time). You will need a 0/0/2 village and all money related MK to afford. This has now been beaten with 2 0/2/4 snipers which is considerably cheaper and needs no MK.


  • To start on C.H.I.M.P.S. in this map, first place Quincy on the small island in the middle of the bottom path that can also reach the upper path. After Round 6, place a Dart Monkey on the small island in the middle on the upper path, and change its target priority to beat Round 7 (Just changing it to 'Strong' after the second wave of Blue Bloons showing up works, although the most common way is Strong→Last→First→Strong). Then, place a Monkey Sub in the pond in the top right when you get enough money and eventually upgrade it to 2-0-2 as you clear the rounds. By the time it gets the said upgrades, you should be at around Round 20 and the process should be much easier without the need to micro a lot.
  • You can fit an Alchemist, A Heli Pilot pad and a Monkey Village on the islands on the either side. Do be careful when you do this though, as the consequence of placing the towers incorrectly can be catastrophic to your run. You can use the Drop & Lock setting to micro the tower position, or place all three towers at once during the break between rounds so that you can exit and retry if you accidentally placed the towers incorrectly (doing so will cost you a Black Medal for C.H.I.M.P.S., so this is only used as a last resort). The same goes for other towers that is best used on those islands like the Spike Factory and Monkey Ace.
  • Use Quincy's abilities well to clear some difficult rounds like 49, 76, and 78 while saving money for powerful towers such as Apache Prime.
  • It is possible to fit a Perma-Spike and an Alchemist on either of the middle pilars. With 4-x-x, the Alchemist is capable of buffing the Perma-Spike in a way that it can reach both of the paths, potentially for the players' advantage. Image below.

Player Strategies[]