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It's time to blast away those winter blues with a brand new battlefield to test your skills on as this latest update brings you the most awesome new track Indoor Pools. This is a tricky new path that will test even the most skillful players so you may want to keep your eye on those boost buttons!
~ Ninja Kiwi's iTunes description for version 1.6

Indoor Pools is a track in Bloons TD Battles and Bloons TD Battles Mobile.


The track is set in an indoor pool, hence the name. There are two separate pools. One on each side is filled with water, while the other one is empty. The pool deck has square tiles. The player can see the reflection of the lights on the deck and the water. In the filled pools, there are lines underwater to mark the lanes and white steps for dives. In the empty pool, the player can see ladders.


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  • This is arguably the hardest track in the game, as the multiple short paths for the neutral bloons can overwhelm the player, and the path for the opponent's bloons is extremely short as well.
  • Many people did not like the track when it came out, due to its unnecessary difficulty.
  • It is the only track in the game where there are multiple paths for the neutral bloons.