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For the Spike Factory upgrade, see Faster Production.

Grows 2 extra Banana bunches per round.
~ In-game description

Increased Production is the first upgrade of Path 1 for the Banana Farm in Bloons TD 6. It increases the bananas produced by +2. For all Farms except Banks and Marketplaces, number of bananas per round increases from 4 to 6, valuing at $120 if all bananas are collected. For Monkey Banks, the total income increases by +$40. For Central Markets, the total income increases by +$140.

This upgrade costs $425 on Easy, $500 on Medium, $540 on Hard, and $600 on Impoppable.



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Increased Production

Banana Farm now changes the wooden crate edge into a grey stones surrounding the boundaries of dirt, and also the tree grows more bananas.

Produces 2 more bananas, increasing total production of bananas from 4 to 6, totalling $120 per round instead of $80 if all bananas are collected. For Banks, it gives two more income packets, from 4 to 6, totalling $270 per round instead of $230, while also decreasing value of individual income packets to equal the new non-deposited income per round. For Marketplaces and above, banana production is increased from 16 to 18.

Like all Banana Farms, Increased Production generates bananas evenly throughout a round with respect to bloon send duration on a percentage basis. On a "short" bloon send round, specifically those with only one type of bloon send (e.g. Round 17 Regrow Yellows, Round 76 Regrow Ceramics, and all standard blimp debut rounds except DDTs and Bosses), all bananas produced in the round are pushed out very rapidly.

Targeting Priorities[]

Increased Production produces bananas that are tossed erratically around its range. Like most Banana Farm upgrades, Long Life Bananas lacks any real targeting priority.


Updated as of Version 43.0. Listed prices exclude external buffs, any sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
[Module | Data] Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (1-X-X) $425 $500 $540 $600 -
Total (1-0-0) $1,485 $1,750 $1,890 $2,100 $1,040 $1,225 $1,323 $1,470
Crosspath (1-1-0) $1,740 $2,050 $2,215 $2,460 $1,218 $1,435 $1,551 $1,722
Crosspath (1-2-0) $2,420 $2,850 $3,080 $3,420 $1,694 $1,995 $2,156 $2,394
Crosspath (1-0-1) $1,695 $2,000 $2,160 $2,400 $1,187 $1,400 $1,512 $1,680
Crosspath (1-0-2) $2,035 $2,400 $2,590 $2,880 $1,425 $1,680 $1,813 $2,016

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: FlatPackBuildingsIcon Flat Pack Buildings, FarmSubsidyIcon Farm Subsidy, BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals



Increased Production can boost an existing Banana Farm's existing income per round. Even just this upgrade can produce a good amount more income per round. In fact, a 1-0-0 Farm is the most cost-efficient Banana Farm outside of IMF Loans with Bank Deposits and 4-2-0 Banana Research Facilities.


  • Upgrade to 1-0-0 Farm as soon as possible, unless the player is unsure whether the defense can handle the next round well enough.
  • 1-0-0 Farm is more cost-efficient than 0-0-0 Farm, not only because it produces more income per dollar spent, but also because the Increased Production upgrade can help boost income better.
  • Normally, Increased Production is a stepping stone to its upgrade Greater Production, which gives even more income.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Nothing had changed for Increased Production since the game was first released.

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

Extra Notes (Version History)[]


Official artwork[]


  • The More Bananas upgrade from before BTD6 is also similar with the bonus 2 bananas.