For Bloons Tower Defense 5 counterpart, see Impoppable Difficulty (BTD5).
Impoppable will test your Bloon popping skills to the max. Some freeplay rules and difficulty will apply at the later rounds. Good luck!
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The Impoppable Difficulty is a difficulty in Bloons Tower Defense 6. It was originally released in Bloons TD5 Mobile. It is unlocked after beating Alternate Bloon Rounds for the specific track.

In this difficulty, players begin with 1 life, and all elements that are capable of producing extra lives will not grant extra lives, including Mana Shield. Towers and upgrades are 20% higher cost than normal. Unlike the Bloons TD 5 counterpart, bloons move at the same speed as a normal Hard game, Ceramic Bloons and M.O.A.B. Class Bloons don't have more health, and the player starts at round 6 and has to beat round 100, when the first B.A.D. appears.


  • The first Green Bloons start at the beginning of Round 6, so be prepared for those bloons.
  • Farming is almost necessary due to the increased costs of the towers and upgrades. However, paying too much attention to the farms might mean game over, especially because you must focus on tapping around the bananas. Using a Monkey Farmer or upgrading farms to Monkey Banks can help ease the focus onto the main defense.
  • Having the Pre-Game Prep Monkey Knowledge is highly recommended due to the devastating rule of 1 life only.
  • Avoid using Bomb Blitz, Elite Defender, or other towers with life loss abilities except Legend of the Night as their life lost abilities cannot activate without loss of the game.

Version HistoryEdit

On Version 16.0, Impoppable Difficulty was nerfed such that all life-producing abilities, even Mana Shield, can no longer provide extra lives. Interestingly, Ninja Kiwi declared that Mana Shield originally was not meant to be enabled in Impoppable Mode in the first place, but was unintentionally added as a result of poor communication among the game design team. However, many players got so used to having Mana Shield in Impoppable that it was functionally accepted into the game.


Nerf Mana Shield is now disabled in Impoppable Mode.

Nerf All life-generating abilities are disabled, regardless of Custom Challenge


  • Winning Impoppable Difficulty in a normal game guarantees one free Insta-Monkey, just like beating Round 100 in all other games.
  • Impoppable Difficulty can be set as a game mode for the Easy and Medium difficulties on the Challenge Editor. If this mode is selected on these difficulties, the tower prices and upgrades will still be the same as a Hard Impoppable game (20% higher cost than a Medium game), but the bloons will move at the speed set for the game mode. The only difference with an Easy or Medium Impoppable game versus a Hard Impoppable game with the default settings is slower bloon speed.
  • Impoppable Difficulty set in Challenge Editor also prevents life-generation of any sort, even if life count was increased.
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