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For Bloons Monkey City tile difficulty, see Impoppable Difficulty (BMC).
For BTD6 difficulty, see Impoppable (BTD6).
For the Bloons Adventure Time TD difficulty, see Impoppable Difficulty (BATTD).
So you think you've mastered the game? You've beaten heaps of tracks, gained a ton of gold medals, and even conquered tracks in reverse. You think you might just be unstoppable …

Well think again as update 2.8 introduces Impoppable mode, an insane new difficulty taking the game to a whole new level of extreme!

More expensive towers, faster and stronger Bloons, and did we mention you can't lose any lives? Challenge yourself with Impoppable, but don't say we didn't warn you.
~ Update description
Impoppable difficulty

Welcome message on version 2.8

Impoppable Difficulty is a difficulty level released for Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile in update 2.8. It is unlocked at Rank 35, and it gives more rewards than Hard Difficulty upon completion.

In this difficulty, players begin with 1 life, and all means of gaining extra lives are disabled. Towers and upgrades are 20% more expensive than Medium Difficulty. All Bloons in this difficulty are 25% faster than Medium, Ceramics have 50% more health, and MOAB-class Bloons have double health. The final round (85) spawns five Z.O.M.G.s instead of one.

Completing one map on Impoppable will award the "Poppable" Achievement, while completing 25 maps on Impoppable will award the "Nigh Impoppable" Achievement.


  • Due to its devastating rule of 1 life only, a Spike Factory or Bloonberry Bush is a must have. You should not be over-confident with your towers. If you're worried about fast bloons going through your defense (Ceramics are faster now), use Glue Gunners, Ice Towers, or the Sabotage Supply Lines ability (for MOAB-Class Bloons).
  • Road Spikes are fairly useful in catching the Bloons that get by your towers, but if you find yourself using them a lot, you should invest in a Spike Factory instead.
  • Round 85 Impoppable is arguably the hardest non-DC and non-freeplay round in BTD5. You shouldn't always rely on 5 First Strike Capability, especially for tracks like Bloontonium Lab; unless you have a Portable Lake. Sabotage Supply Lines is useful for both slowing down the ZOMGs and their children. Technological Terror's ability might help finish off the BFBs. In Bloontonium Lab, even a Max Temple Of The Monkey God might have trouble with Round 85, so have some back up towers ready to go, or use its ability if you have the Tier 4 Super Monkey Lair activated.
  • Likewise, farms always help the ease of a difficulty, however, paying attention to the farms too much might mean game over, especially because you must focus on tapping the bananas. Spending a measly sum of Monkey Dollar40 on a Monkey Farmer can direct your attention more towards the track in the early game, preventing loose bloons from getting through.
  • Super Wide Funnel can be useful as it can destroy M.O.A.B. Class bloons easily, which have noticeably higher health than on other difficulties.
  • An effective strategy for most maps on Impoppable for BTD5 Mobile is to, in conjunction with a Level Four Dart Training Facility, start with 3 2-3 Triple Darts, then transition to a 4-2 Ring of Fire (BTD4-BTD5). Once this is done, placing down a 4-2 Heli Pilot will mop up most rounds. To ensure the win, placing down a Monkey Village upgraded to 2-3 and spamming Apache Dartship (BTD5) should clean up every round past this. In general, 5 should be able to beat most rounds with ease. NOTE: This strategy is easier with the price buff and footprint buff provided by a level 3 Heli Hangar, though testing has found this to be less of a hassle. Is not effective on Bloon Mastery challenges.
  • A not so commonly known trick that is probably due to a bug is that the monkey lab upgrade "Big Bloon Sabotage" actually reverts MOAB-class bloons to their normal health before applying the hit point reduction, so if a MOAB has 200 health originally, with Big bloon sabotage of 20%, a MOAB on impoppable won't have 400-(400*20%)= 320, but rather 200-(200*20%)= 160. This is an excellent "cheat" that can basically make impopable runs only a little harder than hard mode.
  • Because 3/X Sniper Monkeys only do 18 Damage, they do not completely pop Ceramics on Impoppable, leaving Pinks behind instead.


Impoppable medal

The Impoppable medal (far right)



Are you good enough to beat Impoppable difficulty? Be sure to record it and post it in this section! Remember to post what you had enabled and how many rounds you recorded.
~ Bloons Wiki staff (It can be both victory or defeat videos)


  • The Olympian achievement for tracks (earned by getting all medals for a track) doesn't include impoppable, meaning that getting reverse, bronze, sliver, and gold will get you the medal.
  • The Lives Injection can't be used because it gives extra lives. However, The Cash Injection can be used.
  • The Support Chinook upgrade drops health crates, but they do not add additional lives, either.
  • When a tower is under a village, it costs the same as on Hard without a village.
  • In this difficulty the level 85 Pre-Round Comment has changed. Comment: Next up is the final round, beat it and you'll gain the Impoppable medal. You won't though, this has been a waste of time and you won't survive what's coming. At least you had fun.


  • The Impoppable medal somewhat resembles a black poker chip.
  • "Impoppable" is a portmanteau of "impossible" and "pop".