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For the BTD5 counterpart, see Impoppable Difficulty (BTD5).
Impoppable will test your Bloon popping skills to the max. Some freeplay rules and difficulty will apply at the later rounds. Good luck!
~ Pop-up description
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Impoppable is a game mode in Bloons TD 6. It is unlocked on a map-by-map basis by beating Alternate Bloons Rounds. Beating Impoppable unlocks the CHIMPS gamemode.

On Impoppable, players start with only 1 life and all means of gaining lives (including Mana Shield) are disabled. In addition, towers and upgrades cost 20% more than on Medium Difficulty (equal to roughly 11% more than Hard Difficulty). Standard games of Impoppable begin on Round 6 and end on Round 100, when the BAD appears.

It is worth a note that Rounds 81+ start to increase health and speed of MOAB-Class Bloons and all Ceramic Bloons are replaced with the Super Ceramic variant. More specifically, every Round past 80 increases MOAB health and all bloon speeds by 2% (e.g. ZOMGs on R 85 have 4400 HP).


The basic purpose of Impoppable Mode is to prepare the player for the challenge of CHIMPS Mode. The restriction of having only 1 life means that very careful play is required to survive. Especially on rounds 81+. Prices are also higher while keeping the use Monkey Knowledge, income production, Powers, Continues, and selling.


  • Green Bloons spawn immediately at the start of Round 6; as such, any successful early-game defense must be able to handle these without relying too heavily on Pre-Game Prep.
  • While by no means necessary, farming can make affording more expensive upgrades easier.
  • Pre-Game Prep can be extremely helpful in the early rounds, allowing the player to save up for a more expensive early-game tower.
  • Passive abilities that activate upon losing lives (those of Bomb Blitz and Elite Defender) are useless on this mode, as losing a life results in a game over; Ezili's Sacrificial Totem ability is also disabled.

Version History[]

In Version 16.0, Impoppable Difficulty was changed so that Mana Shield is disabled, and the maximum lives the player can have was fixed to 1 life by default. According to Ninja Kiwi, Mana Shield was never intended to be usable in Impoppable and was only usable due to miscommunications among developers.
  • Nerf Mana Shield is now disabled in Impoppable Mode.
  • Nerf By default, the maximum number of allowed lives in Impoppable is now always 1. Extra lives cannot be earned unless the maximum limit is raised either in the Challenge Editor or in developer-sanctioned events.



  • Unlike the Bloons TD 5 counterpart, Bloons in Impoppable move at the same speed as a normal Hard game, and Ceramic and MOAB-class Bloons don't have more health.
  • Winning Impoppable Difficulty in a normal game guarantees one free Insta-Monkey, just like beating Round 100 in all other games.
  • Impoppable Difficulty can be set as a submode for the Easy and Medium difficulties on the Challenge Editor. If this mode is selected on these difficulties, the tower prices and upgrades will still be the same as an Impoppable game (20% higher cost than a Medium game), but the bloons will move at the speed set for the game mode. The only difference with an Easy or Medium Impoppable game versus a Hard Impoppable game with the default settings is slower bloon speed.