Ice Shards is an upgrade for the Ice Tower that appears in BTD5 and BTD6.

In BTD5, Ice Shards is the 3rd upgrade on Path 2 for the Ice Tower. The upgrade adds a small attack speed buff to the Ice Tower, and Bloons that are frozen by this tower have sharp ice shards embedded in the bloon layer, so that when a bloon is popped or thawed, five shards from the bloon fly out in a specific formation, popping additional bloons, including frozen ones (except in BTDB Flash due to a nerf). A bloon being popped by snap freeze counts, so ice shards come out upon freezing.

Ice Shards can damage MOAB class bloons, whites and zebras, and frozen bloons. However they cannot damage lead bloons, D.D.T.s or the Dreadbloon outside of being nearby a Monkey Intelligence Bureau.

In BTD6, this upgrade returns, but as the third upgrade of Path 1. However, now Ice Shards can only be sent out if the Frozen Bloons are popped by another tower other than itself, since its ice blasts are incapable of damaging Frozen Bloons on its own without Re-Freeze and attacks at a slower rate than the freeze duration. Along with that is Ice Monkey's general nerf of decreased pierce, both to the ice blast attack (down from infinite pierce to 40 pierce) and the sharp ice shards (3 pierce per shard, and only clusters of three at 120° apart). Ice Shards also grants extra range, from 20 to 25. Ice Shards is cheaper though, at $1275 on Easy, $1500 on Medium, $1620 on Hard, and $1800 on Impoppable.


This tower is something of a high risk, high reward option. On one hand, the tower's abiltiy lets it destroy tons of bloons in an instant, even destroying most M.O.A.B.s if they're close enough to the shards. On the other hand, the sheer amount of shards being shot out can greatly slow the game down, possibly even crash it if the user's device isn't too powerful.

In BTD5, it is possible to horde masses of bloons with one 1/3 Ice Shards and then unleash the masses of shards with one upgrade to the Snap Freeze upgrade. Either that or a 2/3 Ice Shards can immediately shred down massive bloon rushes.

In BTD6, the above strategies in the paragraph above is no longer possible. However, 3-0-2 Ice Shards can be stacked together and form a similar mass-shredding of bloons. Ice Shards is mostly relegated to races, but can still be decent on hyperdense rounds. Comboing Ice Shards plus Bloontonium Reactor makes a great combo to maximize shard production.

Version History (BTD6)Edit


Buff Ice Shards now grants more range to the Ice Monkey (20 --> 25)

Version History (BTDB Mobile)Edit

Due to its massive potential for extreme popping power, its price was increased as a result.


Nerf Ice Shards cost increased ($2000 --> $2800)




  • If many bloons are frozen by an Ice Tower with this upgrade, it will usually slow the game performance to a crawl, sometimes enough to make Flash Player or the app crash.
  • Ice shards can pop bloons even if Snap Freeze is not purchased. However, if Snap Freeze is bought all frozen bloons will automatically shoot out ice shards when frozen.
  • Glue Hose with Corrosive Glue or Super Monkey with Laser Vision, combined with Ice Shards makes a great duo.
  • On higher rounds, this tower can be lethal, setting off huge bursts of shards which can clean out hundreds, even thousands of bloons. However, this tower comes at the price of possibly causing extreme lag to the player's device.
    • This upgrade is very useful for rounds with huge rushes of bloons like round 63, 76, 78 and 79, and especially regen rushes.
  • The monkey, upon being upgraded to Ice Shards, will hold up its fists and slam them together when freezing bloons.
  • Despite the shards not popping lead, when a Lead Bloon is affected by a 2/3 Ice Monkey, the Lead Bloon can sometimes be completely popped. Has been tested in BMC Mobile on a Snow Terrain.
  • This slightly increased freeze time from this upgrade to the point that a 1/3 Ice Tower can permanently freeze bloons in place, despite this not being mentioned on the upgrade description.
    • This can be seen by putting a 1/3 Ice Tower and comparing it to a 1/2 Ice Tower.
  • In the Bloons Tower Defense Battles main menu, the tower appears to be smiling.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, Ice Shards are the only way Ice Monkeys can damage M.O.A.B.s.


  • Technically speaking, an Ice Shards in fact is able to produce shards on its own if crosspathed with Path 3's Re-Freeze upgrade and is buffed by an attack speed buff such as Overclock. However, crosspathing with only either Path 2 crosspaths or the Re-Freeze upgrade will not, as it cannot attack fast enough or pop Frozen Bloons. Link.
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