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Warm heart, cold hands. I'm good with that.
~ Quote from Ice Monkey

Ice Monkey is a monkey that appears in Bloons Pop!. It freezes bloons every time it touches bloons. Every time it creates a freeze, it will at the same time produce 6 Ice Shards where two sides are facing the direction of where the Ice Monkey attacked from, originating from where the ice freeze is centered at, and the shards acting sort of like an built-in Tack Bloon with a freeze. As soon as the Ice Monkey falls down to the bottom of the screen or does 5 bounces it will disappear. Frozen Bloons are immobilized temporarily for two rounds but can still be damaged by any attack. It can damage Leads and deal with Regrows well but cannot affect White Bloons, Zebra Bloons, or invisible Camo Bloons. Ice Monkey is unlocked at Level 8.


Ice Monkeys are excellent choices for deliberately stalling out certain areas of the screen. It is especially useful for clearing out screens so that the screen will lower further, or for exposing Camo Bloons for the next two shots. However, it is ineffective against White Bloons and Zebra Bloons, though it can freeze zebra descendants when popping Rainbow Bloons.

Merging two Ice Monkeys to form a Mega Ice Monkey. Mega Ice Monkey creates a much stronger freeze, with larger ice shards and a virally spreading freeze. Only one move is consumed when using a Mega Ice instead of using two moves to use two separate Ices.

Version History[]

Their snowflake attack was a cool idea (pun intended), but too often led to frustrating situations where the ice trails were missing bloons that were so close. We’ve switched out this attack to an expanding nova, impacting bloons in a radius around the point where the Ice Monkey hits a bloon. The attack is visually the same, but with much greater effect.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Ice Monkey area of effect now applies as an expanding circular area instead of 6 separate branching areas
  • NERF [undocumented] Ice Monkey AoE only affects bloons that had surrounded the contacted bloon upon contact, causing the AoE to not work on fast moving bloons
  • BUFF Improved Ice Monkey’s interaction with moving Bloons.
  • BUFF [undocumented] Ice Monkey can freeze descendant White and Zebra Bloons



  • Ice Monkey in Bloons Pop has a more elderly appearance compared to its BTD6 counterpart.
  • If a Rainbow or higher ranked bloon pops into a Zebra or White Bloon while frozen, the frozen effect remains on the bloon as usual.