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Ice Monkey with ice weapons given to him by Dr. Monkey

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Ice Monkey is a playable character and exclusive to Bloons Super Monkey 2 Mobile. He is unlocked after completing all the Monkey Lane stages.


Ice Monkey is unlocked after completing levels 1-25 in Monkey Lane. Once unlocked you earn the achievement "Ice To Meet You", an iOS 10 sticker of Ice Monkey giving two thumbs up, and you can now play him in any level in a squad after beating 26-32 (which you were "assigned" to do). Here is a video by ISAB of the Ice Monkey unlock dialogue.

Unlocking Quotes[]

These quotes appear as soon as the player clears level 25 for the first time.



Ice Monkey was a Super Monkey who watched over Frozen Fields, popping the Bloons that tried to invade. However, at some point before the game's events, a yeti attacked Ice Monkey which resulted in him being frozen for a very long time. The advanced cryogenics that he was trapped in mutated his DNA, so when he was thawed out by Super Monkey he discovered that he now had ice powers. Dr. Monkey gave Ice Monkey a pair of ice guns to help him control his newfound abilities, after which Ice Monkey went back to Frozen Fields to destroy the yeti, which turned out to be a MOAB-Class Bloon. After defeating the yeti, Ice Monkey returned to Monkey Lane and teamed up with Super Monkey so they could continue to fight the Bloons together.


Ice Monkey's weapons are almost identical to Super Monkey's, the only difference being that Ice Monkey uses Ice Weapons instead of Dart Weapons. The Ice Weapons have no effect on White or Zebra Bloons unless Ice Research has been purchased.