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Ice King's Throne Room is the second track under the adventure Winter is Coming.


This is Ice King's Throne Room. Bloons enter from the left entry, loop around various loops around the track, and towards the right exit.

A version of Ice King will appear on the top of the map and will be playing his drumkit. Once in a while, he will stop playing the drums and will send an freezing lightning strike that harshly slows down any random character, including the placed Ice King (which happens so that the character Ice King can be placed on the same track as the different version of Ice King playing the drumkit).


First Time[]

  • Normal: 22 Coins, 1 Common Wish Orb, 80 XP
  • Hard: TBA
  • Extereme: TBA
  • Impoppable: TBA

Replay reward[]

  • Normal: TBA


  • This map contains one of the first appearances of negative status effects in the game which can be applied to towers.
  • Despite this map containing said negative effect and being one of the first two-skull difficulty maps the player encounters, the player should proceed to the map as usual. Fortunately, Ice King's slowing effect is occasionally applied to one character and lasts for a short time, and thus does not make that much impact to gameplay other than demonstrating the gimmick of negative effects found in some later maps.


Upon loading the track for the first time, there is a transcript that follows:

[Finn (top left), Jake (bottom left), and Ice King (right) enter]

Ice King: I warned you, you're gonna pay for taking away my Princess.

Ice King: [puts his hands out and casts a cold spell] Eat this!

Jake: [reappears with icicles on his body, shivering] F-f-f-f-iiiin, he got me! Cold, so cold.

Finn: [reappears with Scarlet] Don't worry buddy, you'll thaw out. Just give it a few seconds.

Ice King: Thaw out? Don't worry there's more where that came from.

Ice King: [puts his hands out] Yaaaaa!

There is only one unique quote that appears for this track, but is only accessible after you unlock Ice King.

  • "Ooh, who's this handsome guy? Looks like he'd be hit with the ladies." - Ice King, when he is placed on the track