Ice Fortress
The Ice Fortress is a Specialty Building for the Ice Tower. It costs Monkey Dollar750 to purchase and increases cost of Glue Gunners by 5%. It was added in an update to Bloons TD 5 on 21st June, 2012.


Picture 24

An Ice Tower freezing Zebra Bloons (Third upgrade of Ice Fortress)

Ice fortess


  • Using the third upgrade is the only way to get an unupgraded Ice Tower to freeze zebra/white bloons. Otherwise, you would have to get Absolute Zero to freeze white bloons and zebra bloons.
  • Upgrade 3 allows a 3-1 Ice Tower to solo rounds with Ceramic rushes, like 63 and 76.
  • Using the fourth upgrade is the only way to make Ice Towers freeze camo bloons without the use of Absolute Zero.



  • When you look very carefully, you can see a frozen old monkey on the left of the entrance. There is also a creature that looks like the Yeti peeking out from the right side.
  • In BTD6, the Embrittlement upgrade buff in Version 17.0 that allows the Ice Monkey to detect and strip off camo is inspired by the Tier 4 Ice Fortress upgrade.


  • In BTD5 Flash, Tier 3 Ice Fortress also allows Ice Towers to attack MOAB-Class Bloons, but not freeze them. The player could fill The Rink with Snap Freeze Ice Towers and destroy multiple BFBs.
    • In Mobile, this is not the case because all Ice Towers with Snap Freeze can attack MOAB-class regardless of Specialty Buildings.
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