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These are the list of strategies that can be used in Ice Flow.

Strategy #1 (Easy) iOS Only[]

  1. Buy a Monkey Sub near an open area of the water but close to an iceberg. Upgrade to 1/1.
  2. Buy a Monkey Village. Upgrade to 1/0.
  3. Buy an unupgraded Ninja Monkey near the entrance. Note: put it out of range of Monkey Village.
  4. Buy Bomb Tower next to Ninja Monkey. Upgrade to Bigger Bombs. Set Target Priority to Strong.
  5. Keep on buying 1/1 Monkey Subs until Round 32.
  6. Upgrade your first Monkey Sub with Advanced Intel.
  7. Buy Airburst Darts for first Monkey Sub.
  8. Upgrade Monkey Village in 2/1.
  9. Continue spamming 1/1 Monkey Subs until Round 39.
  10. Upgrade your first Monkey Sub 2/3.
  11. Wait until end of Round 45, then upgrade as many 1/1 Monkey Subs into 1/3 Monkey Subs as you can.
  12. Keep on spamming 1/3 Monkey Subs as you can.

Congratulations! You beat Ice Flow in Easy!

Strategy #2 (Easy): SixTower Strategy[]

  1. Buy a ninja monkey and put it near the beginning. Upgrade to 1/0
  2. Buy a spike factory as close to the end as possible
  3. Buy a monkey buccaneer as close to the beginning as possible
  4. Buy two snipers and put them anywhere you wish
  5. Upgrade the ninja monkey to 2/2
  6. Upgrade the buccaneer to 2/2
  7. Upgrade the snipers to 1/2
  8. Upgrade the ninja to 3/2
  9. Upgrade the buccaneer to 3/2
  10. Upgrade the snipers to 2/2 (both of them!)
  11. Upgrade the ninja to 4/2
  12. Upgrade the snipers to 3/2 (both of them!)
  13. Buy a bomb tower and place it slightly out of range of the ninja. Upgrade to 2/4 Note: Not totally necessary for this, but it makes the game go by slightly faster
  14. Upgrade the spike factory to 3/2
  15. On round 50, use the MOAB assassin ability on the second MOAB as soon as it appears.

Congrats. You beat Easy mode. This lineup will not last very far into freeplay. I recommend getting a super monkey if you intend on continuing.