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So delicious it makes attacks faster. It must be the sugar. More effective if equipped to an ice cream connoisseur like Jake.
~ BATTD description

Ice Cream Sundae is a Common Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It is always obtained when the first (Common) Wish Orb is opened in the introduction to the game. It can be equipped to any character and provides a 1% attack speed bonus, unless equipped to Jake or Tuxedo Jake, in which it gives him a 3% attack speed bonus.


The Ice Cream Sundae is an ice cream sundae with two ice cream scoops in a glass, with a cherry on top.


Ice Cream Sundae works almost the same way the Be a Ninja trinket does. Therefore, the strategy for the Be a Ninja trinket should be applied to this trinket, but with a focus for Jake.

See also[]

  • Be a Ninja, a trinket that also gives +3% attack speed if equipped to a specific character (in this case, Sai) but +1% attack speed to everyone else.


  • After Scarlet is obtained in from the first Wish Orb, 50 gems are needed to get this trinket. The game prevents the player from proceeding without obtaining it first due to Jake's pleading, so the player is given 50 gems for free to spend on it.