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The best defense system for your Ice Castle. Activate the ability to summon the mighty Ice Bull!
~ BATTD description

The Ice Bull is a Super Rare Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It can be equipped by Ice King.


The Ice Bull is a creature partially made of ice shaped like a bull with its body transparent enough to show its organs. It has sharp spikes on its forehead and chin, implying it being used to spear through bloons, it has white eyes with a jagged round mouth. Internal organs seen inside the transluscent body include:

  • Brain
  • Spinal Cord
  • Esophagus/Food Pipe
  • Lungs
  • Small intestine

Special Properties[]

The Ice Bull gives the wielder an ability with a cooldown of 3 minutes (base speed). The ability spawns the Ice Bull anywhere across the path that traverses through until it reaches the end point where the ability is now on cooldown again. The Ice Bull deals 4 normal damage to any non-MOAB bloon that passes by and shatters when colliding with the first MOAB-class bloon, slowing it down to half speed for 8 seconds and dealing 200 damage.


The Ice Bull has proven to be a great trinket if used at the right time, that being said the only downside it has is its long cooldown of 3 minutes, players may not be able to use this considerably making it not too game changing. To decrease this cooldown it is recommended to use COBRA’s “Monkey Stim” upgrade, which reduces all ability cooldowns by 50%, this changes it to 1:30 minutes. The user can also add the Cosmic Gauntlets to decrease it by 10%, reducing it to 1:20 minutes. Players may also use Baby Tooth to decrease it by 20%, making the short cooldown of 1:05 minutes in base speed, and 33.5 in 2x speed.

Use the Ice Bull’s ability when you are being overwhelmed or are in a state of being defeated as with the support of the mentioning of the cooldown earlier, situations like a crowd of Ceramic Bloons or Camo Purple Bloons are the perfect type of situation to activate this ability.

Keep in mind that if an Ice Bull hits the first MOAB class bloon it collides with, it will shatter and go into its cooldown state again, so be careful in deciding which MOAB you want to hit. MOABs are typically alright for intermediate players who encounter the MOAB by default, if you don’t have well defenses to pull it off, then it is great to use the ability. BFBs and ZOMGs are decent with this, altough may waste the special property of being slowed down since the MOAB itself is considered to be slow respectively. DDTs go great with this ability, with the Ice Bull dealing 200 damage to its 400 health and greatly slowing the fastest MOAB ingame to half speed is game changing, players may switch to use other effects to make use of the ability by obtaining more items like De-camoing it by Hunson Abadeer, or stunning it with the Crystal Gem Apple. BADs are not very effective with this due to its large health, and the fact that it cannot be stalled any how. So use this ability for extra damage for it, or to use it in other situations. Also try to pair with attack speed trinkets to spawn more Ice Bulls.


Version History[]

  • BUFF now slows MOABs when it collides with them


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