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Not to be confused with the White Bloon.

Ice Bloon have only appeared in Bloons Games and Hot Air Bloon iOS, the former of which are click-and-hold arcade/classic puzzles, the latter is an obscure reimagined version of Hot Air Bloon. These bloons, whenever popped, freezes bloons around them. Ice Bloons are often extremely annoying because they freeze poppable bloons, making them solid. However, Bomb Bloons and Pac-Man Bloons can still pop them. They are often confused with the White Bloons from the Bloons Tower Defense series, because of their similar look. Normal Darts cannot pop frozen bloons, but instead bounce off of them. This property is actually necessary in certain levels. The Ice Tower from the BTD Series is based off this bloon.

In Hot Air Bloon iOS, they fulfill a similar function to the Insect Repellant Bloon and Oxygen Bloon, by being a mandatory bloon to pop for the stage they appear in, otherwise missing more than one will pop the blimp because of overheating. Their function is not reminiscent of the Bloons and Bloons 2 versions, which freezes a small area when popped instead.


Ice Bloons look like frozen White Bloons that, in Bloons 2, emit snowflakes. In Hot Air Bloon iOS, they are a significantly darker shade of blue.


When the Ice Bloon pops in the original Bloons games:

When the Ice Bloon pops in the Bloons 2 games:



  • It is believed that the Ice Bloon is the inspiration for the Ice Tower and possibly the White Bloon.
  • It can freeze up to 41 Bloons at once.
  • The Ice Bloon does not make a pop sound in Bloons 1. In Hot Air Bloon iOS, their pop sound is the same sound that plays for popping any other bloon except the Bomb Bloon.