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For the BTD5 counterpart, see Enhanced IFR Instruments.
Allows Heli Pilot to detect and shoot Camo Bloons.
~ BTD6 description

IFR is the second upgrade of Path 2 for the Heli Pilot in Bloons TD 6. It allows the Heli Pilot to target and pop Camo Bloons.

It costs $510 on Easy, $600 on Medium, $650 on Hard, and $700 on Impoppable.



IFR adds internal camo detection for the Heli Pilot, allowing it to automatically detect Camo Bloons. It is quite an expensive upgrade, so it's usually wise to hold off purchasing this upgrade until harder camo bloon rounds or if pursuing the Downdraft upgrade.


  • This upgrade is very useful for Camo Rounds, such as Round 42. It is especially good for Round 78 if upgraded to Apache Dartship.
  • While this upgrade only adds Camo detection, it inherits the buffs of Bigger Jets, so this can be a good crosspath if Heli speed is necessary.
  • Using IFR is cheaper than adding a Radar Scanner for purely improving MOAB Shove effects versus DDTs.

Version History[]

IFR was not changed since it was first released in BTD6. The only changes for IFR are based upon previous upgrade Bigger Jets, which are shown here.

  • Buff Affected by slight Bigger Jets movement speed buff.
  • Buff Affected by 0-1-3 MOAB Shove crosspath interaction.


Official artwork[]


  • IFR is the shortest upgrade name in BTD6 before the release of the Engineer Monkey, if abbreviations count under such criteria.