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Defeat a Tier 5 Elite Boss Bloon
~ BTD6 description
I'm the boss


I'm the Boss is an Achievement in Bloons TD 6, introduced in the 27.0 update. To earn the achievement, the player must pop a Tier 5 Boss in Elite mode.

Completing the achievement awards BloonjaminsIcon250 and 2 Tier 5 Insta-Monkeys. The tier 5 monkeys are guaranteed to be a Dart Monkey and a Boomerang Monkey.



Beat a Tier 5 Elite Boss, and thus win against an Elite Boss. Find an "easy" Boss Event and try to beat the Elite Boss after beating the Normal Boss. If this achievement is very important, it may help to get an income headstart using Cash Drops to build Banana Farms much sooner.


  • Using the strategies used for beating Tier 5 Bosses is necessary. Bloonarius, Lych, Vortex, Dreadbloon, and Phayze are the only bosses available, so use strategies for the elite versions of the currently available Boss Bloon in preparation for beating the Tier 5's of these Elite Bosses.
    • A general rule for all Boss Bloons is to farm extremely hard and inflict as much anti-blimp damage as possible to the currently available Boss Bloon. Keep in mind each boss's abilities (Vortex's projectile destruction, for example) and what happens when the boss reaches a skull and plan your defense accordingly.