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Hydro Dam is a track in Bloons Tower Defense Battles and Bloons Tower Defense Battles iOS . It was added in an update that also added the Dartling Gun.


It is among the tracks with the most water in BTD Battles. As a relatively short track, it is also one of the few levels in Bloons Tower Defense Battles to have both Level Bloons and Income Bloons come out at the same point, making Grouped Bloons especially deadly for unprepared players. This track is somewhat difficult, especially for lower-level players who have not unlocked the Monkey Buccaneer, Dartling Gun, or Monkey Sub yet. Tack Shooters and other towers with short range are not recommended for this map as they will have a very hard time reaching the bloons. Spike Factories are also difficult to use as there are few points on land that reach the water.


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Hydro Dam as it appears in BTD Battles iOS