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Years ago, Marceline's skills as a hunter spelt disaster for the vampires. Now she's ready to turn those talents to eradicating the bloon menace.
~ BATTD description
Throws bloon popping stakes over any distance.
~ Short description

Hunter Marceline (nicknamed Hunter Marcy) is a premium character in Bloons Adventure Time TD and is a path-based moving counterpart of Marceline. She costs $950 in the game and throws seeking stakes at Bloons like a Monkey Ace with Neva-Miss Targeting. Unlike the Monkey Ace, she does not shoot multiple projectiles around herself, instead she rapidly throws stakes at bloons, just like the forward firing attack from planes from Aircraft Carrier, except that instead of only throwing projectiles when she is facing bloons, she always throws projectiles when bloons are on screen. She is unlockable with a one-off purchase of $9.99 USD or 75,000 Martian Crystals in the Martian Trader.



  • Fast attack speed, flying
  • Expensive


Icon garlic bomb
Garlic Bomb
COST: $225
Description: Drops a time bomb with a 3 second fuse that poisons Bloons. Blast radius 15.
Effect: Every 3 seconds, drops a garlic bomb with a 3 second attack cooldown on Marceline's current location that, after 3 seconds, creates an explosion with 15 radius and 1 normal damage with 10 pierce to bloons within its radius. This attack detects camo and bloons hit will take 1 poison damage every 2 seconds for 4 seconds.
Icon stronger garlic
Stronger Garlic
COST: $180
Upgrade(s) Required:
Garlic Bomb
Description: Poison does increased damage to bloons.
Effect: +1 garlic bomb damage
Icon enhanced bombs
Enhanced Bombs
COST: $480
Requires Star Level 5+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Stronger Garlic
Description: Bombs have a larger blast radius and 1 second fuses.
Effect: Blast radius increased to 18, now have a 1 second attack cooldown, +5 pierce, and bombs have 1 second fuses.
Icon circular path
Circular Flight Path
COST: $150
Requires Star Level 3+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Garlic Bomb
Blood Rush
Description: Unlocks the circular flight path.
Effect: Gains the new Circle targeting priority, which lets Marceline fly counterclockwise around her base
Icon blood rush
Blood Rush
COST: $250
Description: Marceline flies at 1.5x normal speed.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Icon straight path
Straight Flight Path
COST: $150
Requires Star Level 3+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Blood Rush
Soul Sucking
Description: Unlocks the straight flight path.
Effect: Gains the new Horizontal and Vertical targeting priorities, which lets Marceline fly back and forth roughly clockwise horizontally and vertically around her base, respectively.
Icon soul sucking
Soul Sucking
COST: $1,200
Description: Gain camo detection, lead popping, ghost popping, and extra MOAB damage by sucking that soul from that bloon type.
Effect: Adds an additional attack with camo detection that weakens a bloon within a range of 40 from Marceline every 8 seconds by draining its soul. Once drained, Marceline gains a permanent buff granting lead popping, ghost popping, camo detection, +5 Ceramic Damage, and/or +5 MOAB damage, granted by sucking a lead, ghost camo, ceramic, and/or MOAB bloon respectively. Prioritizes the strongest Bloon in range.
Icon mass soul sucking
Mass Soul Sucking
COST: $1,000
Upgrade(s) Required:
Soul Sucking
Description: Suck souls from multiple bloons in range at once.
Effect: Soul Sucking attack now has 6 pierce.
Icon feast of the damned
Feast of the Damned
COST: $4,500
Requires Star Level 7+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Mass Soul Sucking
Description: Ability: Suck the souls from all bloons on the screen.
Effect: Self-explanatory; 60 second cooldown
Icon hunter training
Hunter Training
COST: $300
Description: Stake attacks are faster.
Effect: Stake attack cooldown set to 0.5
Icon advanced hunter training
Advanced Hunter Training
COST: $550
Upgrade(s) Required:
Hunter Training
Description: Stake attacks are even faster.
Effect: Stake attack cooldown set to 0.2
Icon smart stakes
Smart Stakes
COST: $3,500
Needs Mace Stake equipped!
Upgrade(s) Required:
Advanced Hunter Training
Description: Stakes ricochet to nearby bloons on hit.
Effect: Stakes now have 8 base pierce, Stakes home onto bloons aggressively after the first hit

Star Boost[]

Hunter Marceline will receive the following permanent boosts as she levels up:

  • 2 stars - Base attack pierce increased by 1
  • 4 stars - Base attack projectile speed increased by 5%
  • 6 stars - Base attack seeking ability increased by 20%
  • 8 stars - Base attack projectile speed increased by 10%
  • 9 stars - Base attack pierce increased by 2
  • 10 stars - Base attack projectiles splinter into 4 on hit


When placed:

  • "Wonder what Bloon souls taste like."
  • "Vampires, Bloons, they're all the same to me."
  • "I'm ready to hunt some vampires, um ... bloons. Whatever."
  • "Prepare to be staked vampire! ... Oh! Wait, that's me!" (when Marceline/Hunter Marceline is placed after the other; does not happen in Giant Skull unless the tower Marceline is placed, despite the map version of Marceline already appearing on the map)

When selected:

  • "I need this!"
  • "Locked and loaded!"
  • "Let's do this!"
  • "Raaaah!"
  • "Who's next?"
  • "You are so getting staked." (when annoyed)

When upgraded:

  • "Alright, more powers!"
  • "This oughta even the odds!"
  • "This new gear looks nasty! Thanks Bonnie!" (when Enhanced Bombs is purchased)

When a MOAB Class Bloons appears:

  • "I guess I should've brought some bigger stakes!"

When a MOAB Class Bloon pops:

  • "Stay away from my friends!"

When a Bloon leaks:

  • "Ugghhh, you're so getting staked for that!"

When activating ability:

  • "This is what I call soul food!" (when activating Feast of the Damned)


Hunter Marceline is extremely powerful in the late game. Her Mass Soul Sucking upgrade allows her to rack up incredible pop counts in the Martian Games. She is also the only hero character (besides Marceline, Warrior Bubblegum's Candy Copters, and Commander Cassie's planes) with unlimited attack range without trinkets or weapons, and her attacks ignore Line of Sight obstacles. Her stake throwing rate is just half that of base Supermonkey's, and with Demon Heart equipped, she gains +4 damage. She is also one of the very fast attacking heroes that can equip items that Supermonkey and Commander Cassie cannot, which involve stun trinkets (Giant Tranq, Wizard Nunchuks), Baker's Shard, and Engineers Blueprints.

Hunter Marceline can remove Regrowth properties from bloons, even if they are lead. It is recommended that she is placed close enough on the track that she can suck the souls of lead, camo, ceramic, and MOAB bloons, so she can gain their respective bonuses.

Attack speed trinkets such as Baker's Shard and Heart Gauntlets will benefit her greatly as she already has high attack speed, this coupled with her damage, infinite range and soul sucking can make her a very powerful tower. Straight or Circular pathing is recommended as it will let her pass over the most track and benefits her soul sucking, which makes MOABs move slower and take more damage. This is because despite her darts having infinite range, her soul sucking does not, so place her close to the track to allow her to benefit from the sucking.

If considering purchasing Hunter Marceline, whether for actual money or with Martian Crystals, and cannot purchase the entire Character Bundle, she is a great choice, although Tuxedo Jake has his own merits from his utility. Hunter Marceline scales well in the lategame with her rapid global range stake attacks and Soul Sucking effect, and Vampire King from her adventure is one of the best allies in the game for Martian Games. Tuxedo Jake instead provides useful buffs and Lady Rainicorn from his adventure can be useful on certain maps with poor placement spots for towers, so he is better for buffing other towers. Dungeon Finn on the other hand is not nearly as gamechanging as the latter two, and his ally from his adventure, Train Boss, is considered a very weak ally because of slow attack speed, weak damage, and low utility.

Version History[]

  • Change Changed Soul Sucking description from "Suck the soul from the strongest Bloon in range."



  • Hunter Marceline is less expensive at her base price than Marceline and only $335-$1835 more expensive when fully upgraded. Somehow this is enough to get classified in Hunter Marceline's cons section as "expensive".