Hotkeys are keys on the keyboard that perform certain actions in BTD4, BTD5, Bloons Monkey City, and BTD6. Pressing them will instantly place the chosen tower on your mouse ready for placement or it will perform another action listed below. Sometimes the player has to click on a Hotkey twice for it to register with the game (this used to happen in BTD5, hotkeys can now only be pressed once, but this still applies to BTD5 Deluxe, even in the latest version). Hotkeys allow you to shortcut controls while you are playing the game. The keys in Bloons Monkey City are the same as the ones in Bloons Tower Defense 5.

Bloons Tower Defense 4 HotkeysEdit


BTD4 Hotkeys

Hotkey Action
D Dart Monkey
T Tack Shooter
R Boomerang Thrower
B Bomb Tower
I Ice Tower
M Mortar Tower
G Glue Gunner
N Monkey Beacon
A Monkey Ace
U Monkey Buccaneer
W Monkey Apprentice
S Super Monkey
F Banana Farm
K Road Spikes
E Monkey Glue
P Pineapple
← Backspace Sell Tower
Esc Cancel Tower placement / Deselect Tower

Bloons Tower Defense 5 & Bloons Monkey City HotkeysEdit


Bloons TD5 (browser-based) Keymap w/ Sandbox

Hotkey Action
Q Dart Monkey

Tack Shooter

E Sniper Monkey
R Boomerang Tower
T Ninja Monkey
Y Bomb Tower
A Ice Tower
S Glue Gunner
D Monkey Buccaneer
F Monkey Ace
G Super Monkey
H Monkey Apprentice
J Monkey Sub
C Monkey Village
V Banana Farm
B Mortar Tower
N Dartling Gun
M Spike Factory
Z Road Spikes
X Pineapple
Space Bar Play Round / Fast Forward / Fast Forward Off
, [1] Buy Path 1 Upgrade [2]
. [3] Buy Path 2 Upgrade [2]
← Backspace Sell Tower [2]
Esc Cancel Tower placement / Deselect Tower
Enter Start chatting / Send message on chat [4]

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe HotkeysEdit


BTD5 Deluxe Hotkeys w/ Sandbox

Hotkey Action
L Monkey Engineer
; [5] Bloonchipper

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Steam HotkeysEdit


BTD5 Steam Hotkeys w/ Sandbox

Hotkey Action
J Heli Pilot
K Monkey Sub

Sandbox Mode HotkeysEdit

These are keys used to spawn bloons in BTD5 And BTD6 Steam Sandbox. The spawn keys are listed below:

Hotkey Action
1 Red Bloon
2 Blue Bloon
3 Green Bloon
4 Yellow Bloon
5 Pink Bloon
6 Black Bloon
7 White Bloon
8 Lead Bloon
9 Zebra Bloon
0 Rainbow Bloon
U Ceramic Bloon
I M.O.A.B.
O B.F.B.
P Z.O.M.G.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile & Bloons Monkey City MobileEdit

Hotkeys aren't supported in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile & Bloons Monkey City Mobile.

BTD6 Steam Hotkeys (default, can be changed)Edit

Hotkey Action
U Hero
Q Dart Monkey
W Boomerang Monkey
E Bomb Shooter
R Tack Shooter
T Ice Monkey
Y Glue Gunner
Z Sniper Monkey
X Monkey Sub
C Monkey Buccaneer
V Monkey Ace
B Heli Pilot
N Mortar Monkey
A Wizard Monkey
S Super Monkey
D Ninja Monkey
F Alchemist
G Druid
H Banana Farm
J Spike Factory
K Monkey Village
, or NUMPAD1 Upgrade on Path 1, Upgrade Hero
. or NUMPAD 2 Upgrade on Path 2
/ or NUMPAD 3 Upgrade on Path 3
← Backspace Sell
1-= Activate Special Abilities
Ctrl + 1-= Send bloons (Red-Ceramic) in Sandbox
Ctrl + O-\ Send bloons (MOAB-BAD) in Sandbox
↑ Shift + 1-9 Activate Powers
Spacebar Start/Fast Forward
Tab Change Target Priority (right)
Ctrl + Tab Change Target Priority (left)
Esc Pause

BTD6 Mobile Hotkeys (using external keyboard)Edit

Hotkey Action
1 Upgrade on 1st path/Upgrade Hero
2 Upgrade on 2nd path
3 Upgrade on 3rd path
← Backspace Sell


  1. "Comma" key
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 The key must be pressed twice sometimes (BTD5 Deluxe only)
  3. "Period" key
  4. The chat function works on Co-op Mode/Bloons TD Battles only
  5. "Semi-colon" key
  1. BTDB Steam
1 Place first Tower
2 Place second tower
3 Place third tower
4 Place fourth tower/Red Hot Spikes (if no 4th tower is present)
5 Place Red Hot Spikes (if 4th tower is present)

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