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These brave knights will help pop bloons if placed on the track.
~ BATTD description
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Hot Dog Knights are road items in Bloons Adventure Time TD that appear in the map Enchiridion. They can also be brought into any game as a Common power, which costs 50 coins per set of 4 knights. Each knight can pop up to 19 bloons on contact by default before immediately self-destructing, dealing 1 damage to bloons in a small area around it. Unlike their BTD counterpart Road Spikes, they deal damage on a per layer basis, with maximum damage depending on their remaining durability (e.g. 20 durability can deal up to 20 damage), but they lose durability depending on the RBE of the bloon absorbed (e.g. a Black Bloon drains 11 points of durability). They remain on the track as long as they have not exploded, but do not restore durability (shown as a green heart that turns red as it depletes, also used by Banana Guards and Banana Air Corps) between rounds (unless reloading the game). They can be further improved with the Cheesy Dog trinket by increasing their maximum durability to 24.



  • Unlike all other powers, the Hot Dog Knights power is bought/earned in a set of 4s.
  • Each Hot Dog Knight counts as an individual power, meaning if 50 coins are to be spent on a set of 4 knights, then every knight costs 12.5 coins.
    • Players can also quickly and cheaply earn the achievement "I Ate a Magic Apple by Mistake 9" by using 500 Hot Dog Knights, which only costs 6,250 coins total.
  • The Hot Dog Knight will play its attack animation when a bloon is close to it.
  • A knight can pop two blacks/whites/purples or one zebra/rainbow in full.
  • If a Lead Bloon hits a knight, the knight will explode, popping the lead layer into two blacks.
  • A full durability knight can neutralize a Ceramic Bloon because the bloon has 18 layers. Three knights can pop a fortified Ceramic (first one pops the fortified Ceramic layer into two Rainbows, then the other two clean up).
    • However, a full durability Cheesy Dog knight pops a fortified Ceramic into 16 greens (48 RBE). Fortunately, 2 Cheesy Dog knights can still clean them up.
  • It requires at least a certain amount of knights to fully pop the following bloons before health ramping, provided the appropriate bloon spacing is available:
    • 2 for Lead, 5 for fortified Lead, 3 for fortified Ceramic, 14 for MOAB, 32 for fortified MOAB, 91 for BFB, 198 for fortified BFB, 564 for ZOMG, 1192 for fortified ZOMG, 404 for DDT (a knight can only do 1 damage to DDT layer), 812 for fortified DDT, 3340 for BAD, and 6820 for fortified BAD
    • For Cheesy Dog knights: 2 for Lead, 5 for fortified Lead, 3 for fortified Ceramic, 12 for MOAB, 28 for fortified MOAB, 76 for BFB, 168 for fortified BFB, 464 for ZOMG, 992 for fortified ZOMG, 404 for DDT (for reference), 812 for Fortified DDT, 2940 for BAD, and 6020 for fortified BAD.