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Hook, Line and Sinker


Rope in 3,000 MOAB-Class Bloons using the MOAB Takedown ability
~ BTD6 description

Hook, Line, and Sinker is an Achievement in BTD6, introduced in the 26.0 update. To earn the achievement, the player must hook in 3,000 MOAB-class Bloons with Monkey Pirates, Pirate Lord or Navarch of the Seas. Completing the achievement rewards BloonjaminsIcon100, 0-4-0 Monkey Buccaneer (Monkey Pirates) and a 0-3-0 Druid (Druid of the Jungle).


An effective strategy is to select a water-heavy map (such as Lotus Island or Spice Islands) with a Merchantmen farming strategy to save up enough money to spam Monkey Pirates across the entire map. Repeatedly click on the ability whenever MOAB-class bloons show up. Make sure sufficient bloon defense and higher MOAB-class damage is covered too, as Monkey Pirates spam alone will not suffice against those bloon types.

Alternatively, Navarch of the Seas can be used to hook in blimps automatically, because its passive hooks also count towards the achievement. This saves time and effort by not needing to micromanage the hooking ability as often.


  • To complete this achievement as fast as possible, use any water-heavy map and spam the Monkey Pirates ability whenever it is up and available, and always go for Rounds 81+ where there are even more opportunities to hook down MOAB-class bloons.
  • Slow down blimps and do as little damage to MOAB-class bloons as possible, since excluding Navarch of the Seas, neither Monkey Pirates nor Pirate Lord can take down BADs with abilities. Without Navarch, First Strike Capability or Level 20 Ezili's MOAB Hex can fulfill those roles at taking down BADs.
  • Farm early so that spamming Monkey Pirates can be done easier.
  • Playing on Easy Mode means that all bloons including MOAB-class are roughly 10% slower than normal, which should make it a fair bit easier to handle later rounds. Plus, it is easier to profit faster because income-generating upgrades are cheaper.
  • Pirate Lord might not get the achievement well, but it greatly assists on ZOMG-heavy rounds where Monkey Pirates spam alone just won't make do.