In the game, hidden achievements are a special set of achievements as the requirements to get that an achievement are not shown to the player. These are discovered usually through curiosity or random discoveries. They appear in BSM2 Mobile and BTD 6.

Currently known hidden achievements in BTD6 (Achievements that provide Monkey Knowledge appear in purple)Edit

In BTD6, hidden achievements don't appear at all until the achievement is completed.

  • Big Bloons - "Pat likes hugging Big Bloons even more"
    • Requirements: Win with Pat Fusty on 10 games.
  • Alchermistman and Bloonacle Boy - "You have it set to M for mini, when it should be W for wumbo"
  • Josh's Constant - "B-B-Beat any Expert map on CHIMPS with $40,870 or more spent on 1 Spike Factory"
  • 2TC - "Complete a game in CHIMPS Difficulty with only 2 monkey towers"
    • Same as description. See the achievement page for more strategies.
  • Strangely Adorable - "When the planets align ever so nicely"
  • Bill Greates - "Send $500,000 to an ally in co-op in one go"
    • You need $2,500,000 to send $500,000 in one go.
  • Golden Ticket - "Bloompa-loompa-doompa-dee-doo!"
    • On Candy Falls, click the Monkey Loompas in the right order to form the oompa loompa song. See the achievement page for more details.

Achievements in BTD6 that used to be hiddenEdit

Currently known hidden achievements in BSM2 MobileEdit

  • Allies Assemble - Summon all 6 allies (10000 Gold Blops).
  • Big Spender - Buy an entire tree of weapons in one go (75000 Gold Blops).
  • Breaking Wind - Tap the windmill in Monkey Lane until it breaks (500 Gold Blops).
  • Can't Hide From Me - Pop 10 hidden Bloons on Monkey Lane (2000 Gold Blops).
  • Getting Crowded - Have 4 monkeys on screen at once (10000 Gold Blops).
  • Heavy Lifting - Tap the crane until it picks up the scrap (2000 Gold Blops).
  • I'm So Dizzy - Spin Super Monkey in the weapons menu (500 Gold Blops).
  • Look! No hands! - Pop more bloons in a level with a core weapon than L/R (2000 Gold Blops).
  • Monkey Mastery - Buy 100% of weapons for 1 Super Monkey (75000 Gold Blops).
  • Rise and Shine - Wake up Super Monkey after falling asleep (2000 Gold Blops).
  • Sink The Sub - Tap the Sub in Frozen Fields until it submerges (500 Gold Blops).
  • Organized Chaos - Have 5 abilities active at once (3 epics and 2 activated abilities) (10000 Gold Blops).
  • Precision - Get Bronze, Silver, or Gold with exact Bloon pops (100000 Gold Blops).
  • Skull-Diggery - Tap the tar pit until the bones surface (2000 Gold Blops).
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