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Spiked Mines cost reduced by 1500.
~ "Hi-Value Mines" description in BTD6

Hi-Value Mines icon

File:Hi-Value Mines on Menu.png

Hi-Value Mines as seen in the Military Knowledge menu

Hi-Value Mines is an upgrade in the Support Monkey Knowledge Tree that was first introduced intial release. It allows the Spiked Mines upgrade to cost $1500 less regardless of game modes. Hi-Value Mines requires Very Shreddy before unlocking this upgrade, as well as 8 Knowledge Points purchased into the Magic MK Tree before being able to be purchased. There is a one-off purchase of BloonjaminsIcon.png500 before unlocking for the first time.


The following are prices for the Spiked Mines upgrade with and without the effect of Hi-Value Mines:

Tower MK Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Spiked Mines upgrade BadMaimMoabParticle.png $8,075 $9,500 $10,260 $11,400
TickGreenIcon.png $6,575 $8,000 $8,760 $9,900
Full 4-0-0 Spiked Mines BadMaimMoabParticle.png $TBA $14,200 $TBA $TBA
TickGreenIcon.png $TBA $12,700 $13,840 $TBA


  • It makes it easier to afford Spiked Mines alongside extra defense on Deflation Mode.


  • Hi-Value Mines provides the greatest flat price decrease out of all MK available in the game.