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The heroes button with Quincy active in the main screen.

Heroes are a special type of tower that were introduced with Bloons TD 6. Heroes are unique characters that have their own personality, voice lines, abilities and attacks. The major difference from regular towers is that only one Hero may be equipped and placed per player per game. In addition, Heroes do not have the conventional upgrade system. Rather, they have a single upgrade path, with individual tiers being split into smaller "levels" that level based on Hero XP (distinct from Tower and Rank XP), which is accumulated automatically as rounds progress. In co-op each player may have one Hero, so XP is split evenly among players.

Using Heroes[]

Quincy gradually leveling up after Round 2 on Monkey Meadow

Unlike normal towers, only one hero can be placed on the track for each game and automatically gains XP needed to upgrade itself, making them more useful the earlier they are placed. XP gain can be increased or decreased by outside factors, such as Energizer or Monkey Knowledge.

However, they can also be upgraded instantly for a sum of in-game cash. The more XP a hero already has, the lower the amount of cash required to upgrade the hero to the next level. Spending money to level your hero also increases sell price.

Each hero has multiple abilities (all have two with the exception of Ezili, Adora, and Admiral Brickell, who have three and Geraldo who has one) that can be used to the player's advantage. The first ability is unlocked at level 3, and the second ability is unlocked at level 10; for Ezili, Adora and Brickell, they gain their second ability at level 7 and third at level 10. The highest level a hero can reach is 20.

Hero Leveling[]

Heroes require a set amount of XP per level (see BTD6 Heroes XP). For most purposes, the amount of money needed for an upgrade is the amount of XP required. Heroes gain XP at the end of the round by the same formula as towers (see BTD6 Towers XP).

The following tables show the round on which a Hero will reach Level 20, if placed on round 1, and if no levels are bought.

No Monkey Knowledge
Map Difficulty Base x1.425 x1.5 x1.71
Beginner (x1.0) 98 111 114 120
Intermediate (x1.1) 94 107 110 115
Advanced (x1.2) 91 104 106 111
Expert (x1.3) 89 101 103 108
All Monkey Knowledge (x1.2474)
Map Difficulty Base x1.425 x1.5 x1.71
Beginner (x1.0) 90 102 104 110
Intermediate (x1.1) 87 99 101 106
Advanced (x1.2) 84 96 97 102
Expert (x1.3) 82 93 95 99

The Heroes[]

There are currently 14 heroes in BTD6, with new ones occasionally being added in new updates.

The current heroes are as follows:

Proud, strong and intelligent, Quincy uses his bow to perform feats of amazing skill.
General Information
Unlock During tutorial
First Released Initial release
Level Speed 1.0
Abilities Rapid Shot
Storm of Arrows
Gwendolin believes there hasn't yet been a Bloon problem that can't be solved with fire. Lots of fire.
General Information
Unlock Level 14+
First Released Initial release
Level Speed 1.0
Abilities Cocktail of Fire
Striker Jones
Striker Jones is a strong Commander who uses his knowledge of long range combat to greatly boost the power of explosives.
General Information
Unlock Level 21+
First Released Initial release
Level Speed 1.0
Abilities Concussive Shell
Artillery Command
Obyn Greenfoot
Commanding powers of nature, Obyn can shoot through solid obstacles with his spirit wolf attack.
General Information
Unlock Level 28+
First Released Initial release
Level Speed 1.0
Abilities Brambles
Wall of Trees
Captain Churchill
In his armored tank, the Captain is a no-nonsense powerhouse on the battlefield.
General Information
Unlock BloonjaminsIcon.png2500
First Released Version 2.0.0
Level Speed 1.71
Abilities Armor Piercing Shells
MOAB Barrage
Using his elite hacking skills, Benjamin can create extra money for the cause.
General Information
Unlock BloonjaminsIcon.png3000
First Released Version 3.0.0
Level Speed 1.5
Abilities Biohack
Syphon Funding
Ezili is a wielder of dark arts and manipulator of Bloons. Beware.
General Information
Unlock BloonjaminsIcon.png3000
First Released Version 7.0
Level Speed 1.425
Abilities Heartstopper
Sacrificial Totem
Pat Fusty
Pat is a huge monkey of enormous strength. His unique size and power is a great asset in the war on Bloons.
General Information
Unlock BloonjaminsIcon.png3000
First Released Version 9.0
Level Speed 1.425
Abilities Rallying Roar
Big Squeeze
Adora's devotion compels her to strike Bloons down with furious vengeance.
General Information
Unlock BloonjaminsIcon.png5000
First Released Version 14.0
Level Speed 1.71
Abilities The Long Arm of Light
Blood Sacrifice
Ball of Light
Admiral Brickell
Command all your water-based Monkeys to decisive victory. Requires water to place.
General Information
Unlock BloonjaminsIcon.png5000
First Released Version 18.0
Level Speed 1.425
Abilities Naval Tactics
Blast Chain
Mega Mine
This high-tech hero can pursue the Bloons wherever they go with his remote-controlled drone.
General Information
Unlock BloonjaminsIcon.png5000
First Released Version 20.0
Level Speed 1.0
Abilities Drone Swarm
With a calm fury, Sauda can carve Bloons up with her twin razor-sharp swords.
General Information
Unlock BloonjaminsIcon.png5000
First Released Version 24.0
Level Speed 1.425
Abilities Leaping Sword Attack
Sword Charge
A gifted monkey child, Psi uses only the power of the mind to destroy Bloons from the inside out.
General Information
Unlock BloonjaminsIcon.png5000
First Released Version 26.0
Level Speed 1.5
Abilities Psychic Blast
Psionic Scream
Geraldo the shopkeeper sells a selection of useful items and zaps Bloons with his lightning attack.
General Information
Unlock BloonjaminsIcon.png5000
First Released Version 31.0
Level Speed 1.0
Abilities Visit Shop


They can be found on the official Bloons TD 6 website in the Heroes and Wallpapers sections.

Hero Skins[]

For BloonjaminsIcon.png 2500, the player can buy skins to change the voice of the hero and the appearance of the hero and its attacks. These are purely cosmetics and grant no in-game advantages. These are the skins currently in the game:

  • Wolfpack Quincy skin (Quincy)
  • Cyber Quincy skin (Quincy)
  • Scientist Gwendolin skin (Gwendolin)
  • Harlegwen skin (Gwendolin)
  • Biker Bones skin (Striker Jones)
  • Octojones skin (Striker Jones)
  • Ocean Guardian skin (Obyn Greenfoot)
  • Mountain Guardian skin (Obyn Greenfoot)
  • Joan of Arc Adora skin (Adora)
  • Sentai Churchill skin (Captain Churchill)
  • Benjammin DJ skin (Benjamin)
  • Sushi Bento skin (Benjamin)
  • Smudge Catt skin (Ezili)
  • Fusty the Snowman skin (Pat Fusty)
  • Dread Pirate Brickell skin (Admiral Brickell)
  • ETn (Etienne)
  • Viking Sauda skin (Sauda)
  • Galaxili skin (Ezili)
  • Psimbals (Psi)


Hero Icons[]


  • Pat Fusty, Gwendolin, Quincy (in his Cyber Quincy skin), Ezili and Etienne are the only heroes that call out a B.A.D. by its name.
  • Among all the heroes that call out a M.O.A.B. by its name, Striker Jones and Etienne say 'M-O-A-B', while all other heroes pronounce MOAB as 'Mow-AHB'.
  • Heroes say different voice lines when wearing an alternate skin.
  • Pat Fusty has the shortest range of all of the heroes.
  • Adora has the longest displayed range of any hero when her Long Arm of Light ability is active.
  • You can annoy Heroes by repeatedly tapping (or clicking on) them.
  • You can replay hero placement voice lines by using the Support Chinook moving ability on them.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's August 6th 2021 blog, several lore has been discovered.
    • Hero skins are simple cosmetic variants of the original heroes, but the ETn skin utilizes the concept of alternate universes.
    • Adora and Quincy hate spicy food the most.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 3rd September 2021 blog, Captain Churchill is the best hero at chess.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 1st October 2021 blog, Dr. Monkey messing with the multiverse is the reason why having multiple heroes per game is possible. On the same blog, they also said that turning off hero audio basically makes heroes simulate a playing game of "who can be the most quiet?", which is the canonical lore to this in-game feature.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 8th October 2021 blog, they work with a voice talent agency for most of their voice acting work. They are found here.
  • Accroding to Ninja Kiwi's November 12th 2021 blog, each of the heroes have a preferred method of transportation. The favored transportation methods for Churchill and Brickell are obvious by judging their vehicles, but Striker likes parachuting and Quincy likes walking.
    • The same blog also states that Ninja Kiwi is hoping to release some Hero plushies.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's December 3rd 2021 blog, there is a possibility for non-monkey heroes to come to Bloons TD 6, but they had also stated that Heroes must "be packed to overflowing with character."

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