The heroes button with Quincy active in the main screen.

Heroes are a new addition to Bloons TD 6. They are a series of very powerful towers that have unique attacks and activated abilities. The player may choose one of these heroes for every game. Only one type of hero and, currently, one hero only may be placed on the track per game; one sole exception is Co-Op Mode, where each player may place their own selected hero on the map, though Hero XP is split among each player.

Using HeroesEdit

Unlike normal towers, only one hero can be placed on the track for each game and automatically gaining XP needed to upgrade itself, making them more useful the earlier they are placed. XP gain can be increased or decreased by outside factors, such as Energizer

However, they can also be upgraded instantly for a sum of in-game cash. The more EXP a hero already has, the lower the amount of cash required to upgrade the hero to the next level. Spending money to level your hero also increases sell price.

Each hero has multiple abilities (all have two with the exception of Ezili and Adora, who both have three) that can be used in your advantage. The first ability is unlocked at level 3, and the second ability is unlocked at level 10; for both Ezili and Adora, they gain their third ability at Level 7. The highest level a hero can be is 20.

Hero LevellingEdit

Heroes have a set amount of XP per level. For most purposes, the amount of money needed for an upgrade is regarded as the amount of XP required. Heroes gain XP according to the usual formula for player level.

  • Quincy, Gwendolin, Striker Jones, Obyn Greenfoot all have a levelling speed ratio of 1x. Captain Churchill and Adora have a 1.8x levelling speed ratio, meaning they take 1.8x as much XP to level up. Benjamin has a levelling speed of 1.5x, and Ezili, Pat Fusty and Admiral Brickell have a 1.425x levelling speed. 
  • Energizer is the only tower that increases levelling speed.
  • There is Monkey Knowledge that affects hero levelling speed. 
  • As maps usually do for player and tower XP, they increase the XP earned for heroes by 10% for each track difficulty above beginner.

The HeroesEdit

There are currently 10 heroes in BTD6, with new ones occasionally being added in new updates. The current heroes are as follows:

  • Quincy, the Archer (Unlocked halfway through the tutorial).
  • Gwendolin, the Pyromaniac (Requires Level 14+ to unlock)
  • Striker Jones, the Artillery Commander (Requires Level 21+ to unlock)
  • Obyn Greenfoot, the Forest Guardian (Requires Level 28+ to unlock)
  • Captain Churchill, the Tank (released v2.0. Costs BloonjaminsIcon2500 to unlock.)
  • Benjamin, the Code Monkey (released v3.0. Costs BloonjaminsIcon3000 to unlock.)
  • Ezili, the Voodoo Monkey (released v7.0. Costs BloonjaminsIcon3000 to unlock.)
  • Pat Fusty, the Giant Monkey (released v9.0. Costs BloonjaminsIcon3000 to unlock.)
  • Adora, the High Priestess (released v14.0. Costs BloonjaminsIcon5000 to unlock.)
  • Admiral Brickell, the Naval Commander (released v18.0. Costs BloonjaminsIcon5000 to unlock.)

They can be found on the official Bloons TD 6 website in the Heroes and Wallpapers sections.

Hero SkinsEdit

For BloonjaminsIcon 2500, the player can buy skins to change the voice of the hero and the appearance of the hero and it's attacks. These are purely cosmetics and grant no in-game advantages. These are the skins currently in the game:

  • Wolfpack Quincy skin
  • Cyber Quincy skin
  • Scientist Gwendolin skin
  • Harlegwen skin
  • Biker Bones skin
  • Octojones skin
  • Ocean Guardian skin
  • Joan of Arc Adora skin
  • Sentai Churchil skin
  • Benjamin DJ skin
  • Smudge Catt skin
  • Fusty the Snowman skin

Leveling CurveEdit

See Experience Points #BTD6 Heroes XP.



  • Pat Fusty, Gwendolin, Quincy (in his Cyber Quincy skin), and Ezili are the only heroes that call out a B.A.D. by its name.
  • Heroes say different voice lines when wearing an alternate skin.
  • Pat Fusty has the shortest range of all the heroes.

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