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This subpage shows every hero's strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths/Weakness in Bold letters have larger impact on hero's performance.

Hero Table[]

Hero Strengths Weaknesses Abilities XP Scale Notes Role


Cheapest, Moderate Pierce, Ricocheting projectile, Good Range Fast, Lead & Super Ceramic Bloons. Rapid Shot, Storm of Arrows 1x Every 3rd shot at level 7+ arrows explode on initial hit before continuing to ricochet,

every 2nd shot at level 17+.



Moderate Pierce, Supports other towers, Pops Leads, Damage over time. Purple & Camo Bloons, Moderate Range. Cocktail of Fire, Firestorm

Heat it Up (Passive)

Pyrotechnics (Passive)

1x Can pop Purple Bloons at Level 16+. Can affect Camo Bloons with any ability.

At level 10 onwards the DoT from main attack increases by 1 per each level (up to 15 at level 20) At level 5 boosts attack speed and radius of Ring of Fire, Signal Flare & Dragon's Breath by 10%, (20% at level 18).

Attack/Support (Lead Popping)

Striker Jones

Area Attack, Supports primarily

Mortar & Bomb Towers, Great Range

Fast, Camo, MOAB & Spaced Bloons. Concussive Shell, Target Focus, Artillery Command 1x Makes Black Bloons less resistant to explosions at level 5+ (completely vulnerable at level 19).

At level 8+ provides 25% more pierce and 5% range on towers near him.

Attack/Support (Explosions)

Obyn Greenfoot

Seeking attack, pops multiple layers & Leads, High Ground, Supports Magic Monkeys, primarily Druids. Camo, Rushes & Purple Bloons, Moderate Pierce. Brambles, Wall of Trees

Nature Ward (Passive)

1x Brambles are randomly placed on track in Obyn's range if there are no bloons in range.

At lvl 8+ Druids near Obyn receive Camo detection.

Wall of Trees placement is set to Close by default but can be adjusted.

Nature's Clarity, Magic Monkey's near Obyn receive +5 range and +2 pierce.

Attack/Support (Magic Monkeys)

Captain Churchill

Incredible Range, High Pierce, Fast Speed & Area Damage. Most Expensive, Black Bloons. Armor Piercing Shells, MOAB Barrage 1.71x On Level 5 Churchill gets secondary SMG attack independent on main attack. Attack


Enhances income, creates extra lives, high ground. Doesnt directly attack bloons,


Biohack, Syphon Funding

Skimming, Trojan (Passive)

1.5x Biohack gives closest towers buff, affected cannot attack for 2 seconds after expiration.

Skimming, generates $1 for every new bloon spawned.

Support (Income Generation)
EziliPortraitEzili Cheap, Can pop leads & see Camo, High Ground, Damage over time,

Extra Damage to MOABs

Fast, Spaced & Purple Bloons. Heartstopper,

Sacrificial Totem, MOAB Hex

1.425x Heartstopper allows all towers to pop Purple Bloons even if they arent Regrow.

MOAB Hex can affect BAD at level 20 and if popped, leaves no children.


Pat Fusty

Amphibious, Moderate Pierce, Pops Lead, multiple layers, Push & Stun Bloons. Short range, Camo Bloons. Rallying Roar, Big Squeeze 1.425x Rallying Roar increases damage of monkeys near him for short time.

Big Squeeze grabs MOAB-Class Bloon (4 at Level 20) instantly popping it releasing insides after 5 seconds. Does slap attack every 5th time that pushes bloons back, including MOAB.



Good Range, Seeking Attack, Multiple Projectiles, Pops Lead, Moderate Pierce, High Ground,

Extra Damage to fortified.

Purple, Camo & Moab-Class Bloons, Expensive. Long Arm of Light, Blood Sacrifice, Ball of Light 1.71x Bloon Sacrifice sacrifices targeted tower converting its total value to 4x XP to Adora. (0.4275x) Leveling Speed.

Long Arm of Light ability can pop Purple Bloons.


Admiral Brickell

Stockpiles Mines, Pops Multiple layers with primary attack, Supports water based towers.
Water Placement, Bloon Rushes
Naval Tactics,

Blast Chain, Mega Mine

1.425x at Level 5, Naval Tactics allows all water monkeys near her to pop all non-camo bloons.

Mega Mine only targets MOAB-Class Bloons dealing 4,000 damage, (15,000 at level 20).



Large Track Coverage, High Ground, Global Camo Detection. Limited Attack, Lead & Fast Bloons, Low Pierce. Drone Swarm,

UCAV Attack

UAV (Passive)

1x All Towers gain camo detection at level 8

Etienne controls 1 drone at first adding 1 drone at level 7, 11 & 19.



Cheap, Very Fast Speed, sees Camo,

Extra Damage to afflicted.

Short Range, Lead Bloons, Moderate Pierce. Leaping Sword,

Sword Charge

1.425x Can pop Lead Bloons with any ability.

At Level 13+ she can pop lead bloons with her main attack.



High Ground & Infinite Range, Pops Bloons from inside, sees Camo. Limited Attack, cannot pop certain bloons until leveled up, Super Ceramic & Moab-Class Bloons, Expensive. Psychic Blast,

Psionic Scream

1.5x Psionic Scream only affects Bloons Psi can target. Attack


Small Area Attack, moderate range, buyable items. Lead, MOAB Class, Purple & Camo Bloons, Limited Stock. Geraldo's Shop

Killer Bunny

1x Worn Hero Cape allows transforming Dart Monkey's into Super Monkey's even if they wouldn't normally fit.

Shooty Turrets inherit buffs the geraldo has.

CorvusPortraitSpiritlessCorvus Full Map Coverage, Haunt, Castable spells. Purple, Lead & Camo bloons Soul Harvest, Spirit Walk, Dark Ritual 1.71x Bloons haunted take extra damage from energy/plasma attacks, and give mana when fully popped.

Nourishment converts mana into XP.

RosaliaPortraitRosalia Large Track Coverage, Swappable weapons Camo bloons, Short range

Laser Gun: Purple & Lead Bloons Grenade Launcher: Black Bloons

Scatter Missile, Flight Boost, Kinetic Charge 1.425x Fires powerful projectile every 10th Shot

Aces and Helis near workshop upgrade costs are 5% cheaper.




  • Attack heroes are classified as it has great offensive capabilities but doesn't (if little) support other Towers.
  • Attack/Support heroes are classified as it has good offensive and support capabilities.
  • Support heroes are classified as it has very supportive capabilities but is weak on his own.

Less Apparent Strengths/Weakness Explanation[]

  • High Ground Hero's range isn't obstructed by Line of Sight restrictions.
  • Moderate Pierce (Strength): Hero has moderate pierce (even on lower levels) & usually handles Grouped Bloons easily.
  • Moderate Pierce (Weakness): Hero has moderate pierce (even on higher levels) and struggles with Bloon Rushes.

Exclusive Strengths/Weaknesses[]

  • Doesnt directly attack bloons (Exclusive to Benjamin) indirectly attacks bloons via Trojan and Syphoning but does not harm them otherwise.
  • Extra Damage to afflicted (Exclusive to Sauda) At level 7+ Sauda deals extra damage to stunned bloons, this is expanded at Level 11 dealing extra damage to bloons afflicted with any negative status effect, and further expanded at level 19 to bloons with properties.
  • Amphibious (Exclusive to Pat Fusty) can be placed in both Water and Land.
  • Limited Attack (Exclusive to Etienne) cannot take advantage of Alchemist buffs.
  • Limited Attack (Exclusive to Psi) can target certain amount of bloons at any given time, cannot take advantage of Acidic Mixture Dip.
    • At level 6 can target Lead Bloons, Ceramics at level 7, Purples at 13, MOAB at 14, BFB at 16, and finally ZOMG & DDT at level 20.
      • Can pop Lead & Purple Bloons if near M.I.B.
  • Limited Stock (Exclusive to Geraldo), Theres limited number of items that can be bought or be in stock, but restock over time.