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Boost hero to Level 10 immediately?
~ Message box when about to purchase Hero Booster

The Hero Booster purchase screen

Hero Booster is a premium in Bloons TD 6. As an alternative to manual hero leveling using in-game cash, it allows the player to instantly boost their hero up to Level 10. It costs BloonjaminsIcon50 plus BloonjaminsIcon50 per level, so purchasing a Hero Booster on a level 9 hero would cost BloonjaminsIcon100 and so on.

Hero Booster can be useful on heroes with slow XP leveling such as Captain Churchill or in Co-Op Mode where heroes level up more slowly due to split XP per hero. Being a premium and related to powers, the Hero Booster is not available on C.H.I.M.P.S., any competitive game mode (specifically, Races, Ranked Bosses, Contested Territory), or Boss Rush.

Version History[]

  • Change Hero Booster now reworked: instead of $1.99 USD (or regional equivalent) to instantly level up a hero to Level 20, it costs BloonjaminsIcon50 + BloonjaminsIcon50 per level to instantly level up a hero to Level 10.
  • Change [bug fix] Purchasing Hero Booster from the upgrades page now refreshes the UI correctly to display the new level



  • Before Version 19.0, Hero Booster used to cost $1.99 USD or regional equivalent and allowed the hero to instantly boost to Level 20. It was reworked likely to reduce pay-to-win features in the game and encourage more in-game use of the one-off Hero Boost premium without need for spending real-world money.