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Helium Bloons in glass containers.

A Helium Bloon is a Bloon that looks similar in appearance to a Rainbow Bloon from the Bloons Tower Defense series. The Helium Bloon is the only bloon that takes more than one hit to destroy before the Bloons 2 appearance of the Spawning Bloon. Most bloons can regulate their helium pressure, but the helium bloon lacks this control so it needs to be in a jar. Even after being put in a jar, it still floats (the jar, that is). When released, as their name says, they will float up. It is then that they can be popped. Strangely, even when this Bloon is frozen it still rises up. Its first appearance is in the Helium in a Jar level of Even More Bloons. Its only 4 appearances are in Even More Bloons, Bloons Insanity, Bloons Player Pack 4 and Bloons Player Pack 5.


Helium Bloons after the containers are destroyed.


A pickle helium bloon even more bloons glitch unlimited dart mode
  • Sometimes it won't raise up, getting stuck when it is near a bloon that isn't located on the top of it. Popping the bloons near the Helium Bloons can solve this problem.


  • This bloon was removed on Bloons 2 for unknown reasons, probably due to usage of moving bloons.
  • Its appearance is similar to Rainbow Bloon.


The sound of the jar gets destroyed