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Hovers wherever you direct it. Shoots from twin heavy dart guns.
~ In-game Description

Heli Pilot is a Military-class tower in Bloons TD 6. The tower retains its name and role from the Bloons TD 5 Generation, with significant additions. It did not receive any teasers prior to release, but it was first shown when the game was available to select YouTubers several days before BTD6's official release date.

The Heli Pilot controls a helicopter that can fly at a speed of 40 units per second. As a flying tower with mobility, it can move towards any position whenever needed, and has additional targeting priorities that set it to patrol between two points or lock in a specific location. The helicopter shoots a twin straight spray of darts every 0.57s that pierce 3 bloons per dart. While the helicopter has infinite flight range, its dart attack has a range of 42 relative to the helicopter.

Despite its expensive cost, the tower is capable of dishing out lots of damage and providing support where it's needed. It is one of the two towers that can be controlled via the player's mouse/touch, the other being Dartling Gunner. It is also known as the tower with most special abilities in a single upgrade.

It costs $1,360 on Easy, $1,600 on Medium, $1,730 on Hard, and $1,920 on Impoppable by default.


The Heli Pilot returns in Bloons TD 6, filling in its same role as a mobile tower. It still has its original targeting options, with Pursuit still being unlocked via upgrade.

Path 1 focuses around DPS and offense. Starting off with Quad Darts is an improvement to the quantity of darts shot at once, and followed by the Pursuit upgrade which is all about aggressively moving towards targets. Starting with Razor Rotors, new weaponry is added to the Heli Pilot; its razor sharp rotors are able to pop bloons (including Lead or Frozen) on contact. Apache Dartship extends its arsenal to homing missiles and powerful machine gun with final upgrade Apache Prime increasing the strength of all its weapons massively.

Path 2 focuses on support. Starting with Bigger Jets that allows it to move faster, then IFR, which gives it camo detection, as well as the first two upgrades improve MOAB Shove followed by Downdraft, which pushes back any non-MOAB bloons on contact. Support Chinook gives the tower two abilities, being a crate ability, which gives either bonus lives or bonus cashes followed by the final upgrade Special Poperations allowing the tower to deploy a powerful Marine temporarily.

Path 3 focuses on defense. The first two upgrades start increasing the dart's projectile speed and distance, followed by attack speed of all attacks. The first major change to the Heli Pilot as a defensive measure is the MOAB Shove, which reverses or slow movement of MOAB-class bloons. Comanche Defense summons three Mini-Comanches once bloons reach a certain percentage of the bloon track, followed by the final upgrade Comanche Commander, which increases all of its weapons as well as having permanent mini-Comanches.

Target Priorities[]

The Heli Pilot's target priority is mainly based on its flight pattern. Unlike the Monkey Ace, the Heli Pilot can move anywhere based on user interaction. By default, its set target priority is Follow Touch (or Follow Mouse on desktop versions). It comes with three target priorities by default: Follow Touch/Mouse, Lock In Place, and Patrol. If target option is changed partway through the Heli Pilot's flight, the Heli will attempt to fly promptly from its old target priority to its new target priority.

The following are a list of target priorities that a Heli Pilot can use:

  • Follow Touch / Follow Mouse: Moves to where the player taps. On desktop versions, Follow Touch instead becomes Follow Mouse, which will make the Heli Pilot move to wherever the cursor is currently at.
  • Lock In Place: Stops the Heli Pilot where it is when the Target Priority is selected. Can be adjusted to choose a different locked location.
  • Patrol: Patrols between two spots chosen by the player. Can be adjusted to choose different points.
  • Pursuit: Equivalent to the target priority First, except the Heli Pilot will follow in front of the bloons while shooting them. It is unlocked with the purchase of the second upgrade on the first path, with the same name as the target priority. Once upgraded to the respective upgrade, it automatically switches to this target priority.

The Heli Pilot's main attacks always locked on First based on the range of the helicopter's weaponry. Alternate attacks tend to have different target priorities:


Path 1[]

Quad Darts
COST: $680 / $800 / $865 / $960

Description: Shoots 4 darts per volley instead of 2.
Effect: Self-explanatory
COST: $425 / $500 / $540 / $600

Description: A new targeting option enables Heli to seek and pursue the Bloons automatically.
Effect: Gains new Pursuit flight priority which automatically moves heli in front of the bloon closest to the exit.
Razor Rotors
COST: $1,485 / $1,750 / $1,890 / $2,100
UNLOCK: 2,700 XP

Description: Razor Rotor blades rip up Bloons on contact, including Lead and Frozen Bloons.
Effect: Bloons within close range of the Heli Pilot become damaged, including Frozen and Leads. Pops up to 10 bloons and deals 2 damage every 0.45s.
Apache Dartship
COST: $16,660 / $19,600 / $21,170 / $23,520
UNLOCK: 20,000 XP

Description: Adds a large missile array and powerful machine guns.
Effect: Gains a dart-shooting machine gun attack alongside quad homing missiles that deal 2 damage per missile. Also improves rotors to double its pierce and damage.
Apache Prime
COST: $38,250 / $45,000 / $48,600 / $54,000
UNLOCK: 55,000 XP

Description: The Apache Prime leaves most Bloons wishing they'd never been inflated.
Effect: Quad dart replaced with lasers, dealing 6 damage and having greatly increased pierce. Machine gun replaced with plasma dealing 5 damage, and more pierce, and missiles deal 17 damage to MOAB class Bloons instead of 2. Further improves rotors to double its pierce and damage.

Path 2[]

Bigger Jets
COST: $255 / $300 / $325 / $360

Description: Powerful jets make Heli move much faster.
Effect: Heli Pilot moves +75% faster. With MOAB Shove, improves MOAB Shove effect.
COST: $510 / $600 / $650 / $720

Description: Allows Heli Pilot to detect and shoot Camo Bloons.
Effect: Allows the Heli to detect and attack Camo Bloons.
COST: $2,975 / $3,500 / $3,780 / $4,200
UNLOCK: 3,300 XP

Description: Blows Bloons away from the Heli, back toward the entrance.
Effect: Periodically blows back 2 bloons or 1 Ceramic at a time at a rate of 4.44 blowbacks per second. Can blowback even faster with Faster Firing.
Support Chinook
COST: $8,075 / $9,500 / $10,260 / $11,400
UNLOCK: 15,000 XP

Description: Blows back many more Bloon and gains abilities: Drops lives and cash crates, or can pick up and redeploy most Monkey types.
Effect: Gains two abilities, a crate ability and a redeployment ability. Crates give bonus lives and bonus cash. Can redeploy all "non-heavy" types of tower. Blowback rate improved from 4.44 blowbacks per second to 6.67 blowbacks per second, and blowback pierce increased to 4 from 2. Chinook darts also are larger and deal 2 damage.
Special Poperations
COST: $25,500 / $30,000 / $32,400 / $36,000
UNLOCK: 40,000 XP

Description: Deploys a powerful special Monkey Marine with machine gun.
Effect: Increases Heli movement speed by 50%, greatly improves crate ability, and gains an ability that deploys a Marine. The Marine uses a powerful machine gun that deals 6 damage and pops up to 20 bloons per dart, pops any bloon type, and comes with camo detection. The Marine shoots faster with the Faster Firing upgrade.

Path 3[]

Faster Darts
COST: $210 / $250 / $270 / $300

Description: Darts are propelled much faster through the air.
Effect: Improves projectile speed of main dart attack. Increases attack distance of dart attacks by +30%.
Faster Firing
COST: $295 / $350 / $380 / $420

Description: Faster attack speed for all Heli attacks.
Effect: Attacks +25% faster (0.80x attack cooldown).
MOAB Shove
COST: $2,550 / $3,000 / $3,240 / $3,600
UNLOCK: 2,500 XP

Description: Can collide with and shove MOAB-Class Bloons, reversing or slowing their movement. Shove is amplified by Bigger Jets and IFR upgrades.
Effect: Shoves back against MOAB-class bloons close to it, pushing them backwards or slowing down their movement. Improves shove effect with the Bigger Jets upgrade. Also adds a slow firing missile attack.
Comanche Defense
COST: $7,225 / $8,500 / $9,180 / $10,200
UNLOCK: 12,500 XP

Description: Automatically calls in mini Comanches when they're most needed.
Effect: Mini-Comanches can be summoned once bloons reach a certain percentage of the bloon track, one more for every 25% of the bloon track surpassed, capped at 3. Mini-Comanches shoot enhanced darts and missiles and automatically fly in the same flight pattern as main Heli. Main heli attacks are also improved.
Comanche Commander
COST: $27,200 / $32,000 / $34,560 / $38,400
UNLOCK: 50,000 XP

Description: Upgraded weapons. Also automatically calls in 3 more Comanches. Permanently.
Effect: Darts from both main and mini-Comanches deal more damage, missiles deal increased damage with further bonuses against MOAB-Class Bloons and Ceramics, and the 3 mini-Comanches are now permanent.

Total Costs[]


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 680 425 1,485 16,660 38,250
Cumulative Cost 2,040 2,465 3,950 20,610 58,860
Base Sell 476 297.5 1,039.5 11,662 26,775
Cumulative Sell 1,428 1,726 2,765 14,427 41,202
Path 2
Base Cost 255 510 2,975 8,925 25,500
Cumulative Cost 1,615 2,125 5,100 14,025 39,225
Base Sell 178.5 357 2,082.5 6,247.5 17,850
Cumulative Sell 1,131 1,488 3,570 9,818 27,668
Path 3
Base Cost 210 295 2,550 7,225 29,750
Cumulative Cost 1,570 1,865 4,415 11,640 41,390
Base Sell 147 206.5 1,785 5,057.5 20,825
Cumulative Sell 1,099 1,306 3,091 8,148 28,973


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 400 500 1,750 19,600 45,000
Cumulative Cost 2,000 2,500 4,250 23,850 68,850
Base Sell 280 350 1,225 13,720 31,500
Cumulative Sell 1,400 1,750 2,975 16,695 48,195
Path 2
Base Cost 300 600 3,500 10,500 30,000
Cumulative Cost 1,900 2,500 6,000 16,500 46,500
Base Sell 210 420 2,450 7,350 21,000
Cumulative Sell 1,330 1,750 4,200 11,550 32,550
Path 3
Base Cost 250 350 3,000 8,500 35,000
Cumulative Cost 1,850 2,200 5,200 13,700 48,700
Base Sell 175 245 2,100 5,950 24,500
Cumulative Sell 1,295 1,540 3,640 9,590 34,090


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 430 540 1,890 21,170 48,600
Cumulative Cost 2,160 2,700 4,590 25,760 74,360
Base Sell 301 378 1,323 14,819 34,020
Cumulative Sell 1,512 1,890 3,213 18,032 52,052
Path 2
Base Cost
Cumulative Cost
Base Sell
Cumulative Sell
Path 3
Base Cost
Cumulative Cost
Base Sell
Cumulative Sell


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 960 600 2,100 23,520 54,000
Cumulative Cost 2,785 3,385 5,485 29,005 83,005
Base Sell
Cumulative Sell
Path 2
Base Cost 360 720 4,200
Cumulative Cost 2,185 2,905 7,105
Base Sell
Cumulative Sell
Path 3
Base Cost 300 420 3,600 10,200 38,400
Cumulative Cost 2,125 2,545 6,145 16,345
Base Sell
Cumulative Sell


See also: Heli Pilot (BTD6)/Strategies


Heli Pilot has an advantage on maps that have many obstacles and/or have multiple nearby paths, making use of its mobility to hover towards its targets. It can be manually controlled towards a pointer or at fixed point(s), adding user-driven control to the Heli Pilot. It has rather expensive upgrades that mostly lean towards utility and situational damage.


  • Placement of the pad shouldn't matter much, but try to squeeze it along edges to save space, and it is ideal to place them close to the range of Villages to gain their benefits.

Additional Strategies[]

Monkey Knowledge[]

This section displays Monkey Knowledge that has effects on Heli Pilot and its changes when compared to one by default:

  • AirforceUpgradesIcon Airforce Upgrades: All Heli Pilots get +1 pierce.
    • Base pierce increased from 3 → 4.
  • EliteMilitaryTrainingIcon Elite Military Training: All Military Monkeys get a one-off +1000 XP and earn XP in-game 5% faster permanently.
  • RapidRazorsIcon Rapid Razors: Razor Rotors pop Bloons faster.
    • Pops 25% times faster than normal.
  • ChargedChinooksIcon Charged Chinooks: Chinook Activated Abilities give 25% more lives and cash.
    • Allows the Support Chinook to drop $2,250 and 12 lives. Also affects Special Poperations as well, producing $5,625 and 31 lives.
  • MilitaryConscriptionIcon Military Conscription: First military tower costs only ⅔ of the original cost.
    • Heli Pilot base cost from $1,360, $1,600, $1,730, and $1,920 → $910, $1,070, $1,160, and $1,285 on Easy, Medium, Hard, and Impoppable, respectively.
  • AdvancedLogisticsIcon Advanced Logistics: All Military Monkeys base costs reduced by 5%.
    • Heli Pilot base cost from $1,360, $1,600, $1,730, and $1,920 → $1,290, $1,520, $1,640, and $1,825 on Easy, Medium, Hard, and Impoppable, respectively.
      • If Military Conscription is also enabled, the final cost will be $845, $990, $1,070, and $1,190.
  • DoorGunnerIcon Door Gunner: Enables Door Gunner special ability.
  • MonkeyEducationIcon Monkey Education: All Monkeys XP earn rate increased by 8%.
  • BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals: All Monkeys sell for 5% more.
    • Increases sell potency from 70% to 75%.
  • VeteranMonkeyTrainingIcon Veteran Monkey Training: All Monkeys reload time reduced by 3%.
  • GlobalAbilityCooldownsIcon Global Ability Cooldowns: All Ability cooldowns for all Monkeys reduced by 3%.

Version History[]

Differences Between BTD5 and BTD6[]

Listed are comparisons of the Heli Pilot in BTD6 compared to BTD5. Takes into account Mobile versions.

Balance Changes[]

Initial release (compared to BTD5)

Note: Lists all balance changes implemented for the Heli Pilot when it was first released in Bloons TD 6 (June 14th 2018) in comparison to Bloons TD 5. Takes into account Mobile versions of Bloons TD 5.

  • BUFF Apache Prime now moves faster.
  • NERF Duplicated towers glitch from Support Chinook's Tower-Moving Ability will no longer work.
  • NERF Can be no longer placed on Carrier Flagship, along with Banana Farms and Monkey Aces.
  • BUFF Mini-helicopters of the Comanche Defense upgrade can now be affected by Radar Scanner benefits.
  • BUFF Comanche Defense always calls in three mini-helicopters in all cases.
  • Change Instamonkey Heli Pilots will automatically go on Pursuit upon placement.
  • BUFF Apache Dartship cost decreased ($20,000 → $15,000).
  • BUFF Apache Prime now has much more pierce.
  • BUFF Apache Prime does +1 damage and +1 pierce to its main plasma attack.
  • NERF Comanche Defense's and Comanche Commander's mini-helicopters will no longer gain double bonus stats (attack speed, damage, range, etc.) from Alchemists or Gwen or other stat-bonus grants.
  • BUFF x-5-x Special Poperations Monkey Marine cooldown reduced 50s → 40s.
  • BUFF x-x-4 Comanche Defense cooldown reduced 45s → 25s.
  • NERF Apache Dartship price increased ($15,000 → $19,500).
  • BUFF Apache Dartship rocket damage increased (1 → 2).
  • BUFF Apache Dartship machine gun fire rate increased by 25%.
  • BUFF Apache Prime machine gun damage increased (3 → 5).
  • BUFF Apache Prime rocket damage to MOAB-class increased (11 → 16).
  • NERF Comanche Commander mini-helicopters will now use up Alchemist brews.
  • NERF Apache Dartship price increased from $19,500 to $19,600.
  • BUFF Lock in Place and Patrol Points will no longer immediately ask player to pick locations. Swapping out those target modes will remember the last targetting until changed again.
  • BUFF x-x-4 Comanche Defense maximum activations per round increased (1 → 2) (Still has an internal cooldown of 25 sec).
  • NERF Heli Pilot base cost increased ($1,500 → $1,600).
  • Change x-x-4 Comanche Defense will now instead spawn 1 Comanche the first time any Bloon crosses 25% of the track each round.
  • Change x-x-4 Will also spawn 2 additional Comanche at 50% of the track. If the first Comanche is still on screen it's duration will be refreshed and only 1 extra will spawn.
  • Change x-x-4 Will also spawn 3 additional Comanche at 75% of the track. If the 2nd set of Comanche are still on screen their duration will be refreshed and only 1 extra will spawn.
  • BUFF Comanche will now spawn from the side of the map closest to where the triggering Bloon is located.
  • BUFF Comanche spawn movespeed now increased to always be 30 more than the speed of the main Comanche Defense tower (45 + 30 for 75).
  • BUFF 0-2-4 Comanche Defense will also apply increased flight speed to spawned Comanche.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Mini Comanche will load in under the main Commander when loading a save instead of at the edge of the screen.
  • NERF The tiers for the x-x-1 Faster Darts and x-x-2 Faster Firing upgrades have been swapped.
  • BUFF Comanche Defense price reduced ($10,000 → $8,500).
Pursuit Downdraft has felt like an overperformer for a very long time, but instead of outright nerfing it we increased crosspath potential for those who manually take control over their heli micro. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Pursuit Razor Rotors has underperformed due to distancing itself far too much, so we increased the range of this attack slightly.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 3-0-0 Razor Rotors area increased from 33 to 35.
  • NERF 0-3-0 blow rate reduced from 0.125 → 0.15.
  • BUFF 0-3-2 blow rate increased from 0.125 → 0.12.
  • BUFF x-x-4 Comanche Defense duration increased 10s → 12s.
Heli Pilot manages on pursuit far too easily without any need to consider Bigger Jets unless camo or downdraft is required. For more crosspath variety than just 'camo' we moved more of the base Heli speed out and back into Bigger Jets with an overall buff to Bigger Jets. This should allow Bigger Jets to scale a little better than other helis through early speed ramping. Due to overall comparisons between Downdraft's blowback & MOAB Shove we have also slashed MOAB Shove's price by 30% to give it & Comanche more of a kickstart.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Heli base speed reduced from 45 → 40.
  • BUFF x-1-x Bigger Jets speed increased from 67.5 to 70.
  • BUFF x-x-3 Heli MOAB Shove price reduced from $5,000 → $3,500.
A little more buffing of underused crosspath.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 0-1-3 MOAB Shove now pushes blimps further.
    • MOAB speed: -0.33 → -0.44.
    • BFB speed: 0 → -0.11.
    • ZOMG speed: 0.33 → 0.22.
Further small buff to Comanche as prior balancing has not felt sufficient.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Comanche Defense reinforcements duration increased (12s → 15s).
Razor Rotors doesn't synergize well with it's own T2 and is kinda the dunce of T3 Helis.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Razor Rotors blade damage increased (1 → 2).
  • NERF [undocumented] Apache Prime's laser attack now is energy type instead of normal type.
  • NERF [undocumented, likely a bug] Apache Prime's plasma machine gun attack now is energy type instead of plasma type.
We've noted that Special Poperations has save-up issues, and then once owned has uptime and single target issues. With the 30 second duration, it now has potentially no downtime and instead allowing careful (or techbot) management to give a short burst of increased single target.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Special Poperations, Marine ability cooldown reduced from 40s to 25s.
  • NERF Special Poperations, Marine unit pierce reduced from 30 to 20.
For similar reasons to Sniper, Chinook is a pretty annoying tower to farm with, so its ability has been standardized into a single producing both a life & a cash crate on a longer cooldown; the cash production of this has gone up while the life generation has been reduced as the power stood out too much compared to any other life generation method. MOAB Shove has had a missile attack similar to xx4's mini comanches added to provide this path something extra for when the mini comanche are not active.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Support Chinook's Cash Generating abilities now have a 3 minute timeout
  • BUFF Support Chinook's Supply Drop now drops life and cash crates together
  • NERF Support Chinook's Supply Drop cooldown increased from 60s -> 90s
  • Change Support Chinook's Supply Drop cash is now changed from $1000-$2000 to a fixed $1800 value
  • NERF Support Chinook's Supply Drop lives produced decreased from 50-75 lives to 10 lives
  • BUFF Special Poperations Supply Drop cash is now changed from $2000-$4000 to a fixed $4500
  • NERF Special Poperations Supply Drop lives produced decreased from 100-150 lives to 25 lives
  • BUFF MOAB Shove gains a 'mini heli missile' attack with pierce 10 damage 1, and +2 damage to Ceramics and above
  • BUFF Comanche Defense increases 'mini heli missile' pierce to 30
  • BUFF Comanche Defense increases 'mini heli missile' damage to 3, on top of +2 damage to Ceramics and above
Comanche Defense mostly suffered during downtime and so the base Heli at T4 has had some general improvements made to power, but the mini helis have also gained a pierce increase to provide the darts with some improved crowd control
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Comanche Defense main heli missile attack cooldown decreased 3s -> 1s
  • BUFF Comanche Defense main heli dart damage increased 1 -> 2
  • BUFF Comanche Defense mini heli pierce increased 3 -> 4
  • BUFF Comanche Commander main heli dart damage increased 2 -> 3
Previously Razor Rotor’s used to make the heli pursue for a further distance & this caused it to often fail to reach Lead Bloons with the rotor attack that could pop them. This overall seemed like a design flaw so that back-off distance has been moved up to the T4 instead. Apache Dartship has also fallen off over time as a viable saveup for prime, though it is meant to be reasonably difficult some changes have made this a little more difficult than it probably should be so we have increased the pierce of the machinegun attack.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 3xx Razor Rotor’s pursuit no longer backs so far away from Leads that it can’t hit them, Does not affect subsequent upgrades
  • BUFF 4xx Apache Dartship Machinegun pierce increased 5 -> 7, Apache Prime's pierce remains the same
Heli’s blowback has always been extremely effective from early on, and as players have become more knowledgeable the use into lategame as well only seems to go up especially moving into Super Ceramics. This change shouldn’t really have as large an impact at higher level gameplay as total map length is so much shorter you will often still be blowing back the entire track, but the blowback range has been reduced at T3 leading back into the old value at T4
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Downdraft blowback distance reduced from 32-300 to 32-150, Support Chinook blowback distance remains unchange
Heli’s Razor Rotors don’t scale with higher tiers so improvements have been made specifically to that attack for Dartship & Apache Prime. Support Chinook use is too niche outside of farming for the high cost, so the upgrade cost along with that effective cash gain amount from ability usage has been lowered to retain the same farming while improving niche use. Downdraft has more general use throughout the game and scales better than the more expensive MOAB Shove upgrade though they both see use, so the price of these upgrades has been swapped around. Faster Darts xx1 upgrade will now increase the attack distance of Heli Dart attacks in order to assist with cluttering issues where large numbers of Helis will push each other away from nearby targets.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Apache Dartship rotors damage increased 2 -> 4
  • BUFF Apache Dartship rotors pierce increased 10 -> 20
  • BUFF Apache Prime rotors damage increased 2 -> 8
  • BUFF Apache Prime rotors pierce increased 10 -> 40
  • BUFF Support Chinook price reduced $12,000 -> $10,500
  • NERF Support Chinook crate cash reduced $1800 -> $1650
  • NERF Downdraft price increased $3000 -> $3500
  • BUFF MOAB Shove price reduced $3500 -> $3000
  • BUFF Faster Darts also increases attack distance of dart attacks by +30%
ComCom is both lacking in pierce damage, and favors the 105 crosspath more than we’d like. This goal for this change is to improve the overall single target power for the missile AoE without such a high pierce number, with only a smaller damage buff for the main darts so existing pierce benefits that can be applied for the main attack remain valuable
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Comanche Defense missile pierce reduced 100 -> 80
  • BUFF Comanche Commander dart damage 3 -> 4
  • BUFF Comanche Commander missile damage 3 -> 7
  • BUFF Comanche Commander missile moab bonus 2 -> 5
  • BUFF Comanche Commander mini's missile dmg 2 -> 5
  • BUFF Comanche Commander mini's missile moab bonus 2 -> 5
For how powerful downdraft is in comparison to other blowback effects, it didn’t feel right that it wasn’t blowing off status effects as should be normal there. Redeploy feels like it has no business having so long a cooldown, maybe it could see more realistic use cases for this main mechanic if it was able to be utilized more frequently.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Change Downdraft's blowback now removes glue and ice status effects with blowback
    • NERF In terms of nerfs, it makes late-game stalling harder to perform in combination with Ice, since Downdraft removes important benefits from the glue/ice status effects, as well as allowing Downdraft to more easily damage bloons.
    • BUFF In terms of buffs, it is now easier to forcefully reposition bloons and remove ice/glue properties at will.
  • BUFF Support Chinook redeploy ability cooldown reduced 60s → 45s
Even with the map-range advantage, rotors are weak compared to any other constant AoE circle like this. Chinook feels like it’s near a place we are happy with now, however we want another tiny nudge on cost while keeping cash generation value the same. Pushing some higher values on the last Comanche Commander changes as the missile attack is effectively such a small portion of the tower’s total damage late game.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 3-0-2 Razor Rotors rotor attack will now gain 0.80x attack cooldown from the Faster Firing crosspath
  • BUFF Razor Rotors rotor attack cooldown rate reduced 0.75s → 0.5s
  • BUFF Support Chinook price reduced $10500 → $9500
  • NERF Support Chinook supply crate cash generated reduced $1,650 → $1,550, does not affect to Special Poperations
  • NERF Support Chinook max uses per round reduced 3 → 2
  • Change Comanche Defense and Comanche Commander's mini Comanches now follow the target priority on Main Comanche instead of always Pursuit
  • BUFF Comanche Commander main missile damage increased 7 → 15
  • BUFF Comanche Commander main missile MOAB-class damage bonus increased +5 → +8
  • BUFF Comanche Commander mini's missile damage increased 5 → 15
  • BUFF Comanche Commander mini's missile MOAB-class damage bonus increased +5 → +8
Given Downdraft has competed as one of the most debated best towers in the game basically for its entire life for both early and late game we are reducing some of the extreme effectiveness against late game Super Ceramics by reworking it to have an overall increased effect of blowing back multiple smaller children at a time but now requiring 2 pierce to blow back ceramics. At the same time, the T4 Support Chinook is also having a large increase to make it now a more powerful real end-game choice for a lategame version of Downdraft that can quickly deal with large groups of Super Ceramics.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Downdraft rate 0.15 > 0.225
  • BUFF x3x Downdraft pierce 1 > 2
  • NERF x3x Downdraft ceramic pierce penalty 0 > 1
  • BUFF x4x Support Chinook downdraft pierce 1 > 4
  • Change x4x Support Chinook downdraft rate remains 0.15
  • NERF x4x Support Chinook downdraft no longer increases blowback distance
  • Change Support Chinook description changed from "Abilities: Drops lives and cash crates, or can pick up and redeploy most Monkey types." to "Blows back many more Bloons and gains abilities: Drops lives and cash crates, and can pick up and redeploy most Monkey types."
Support Chinook struggles to do anything with its main attack due to the projectile spawn offset changing at this tier, so we’re slightly tweaking the main attack to assist it here. While the state of Comanche Defense has come a good way, xx5 still feels too expensive for what it offers.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Support Chinook projectile size increased (3 → 6)
  • Change Support Chinook damage increased (1 → 2)
    • Note: Support Chinook is a supporting tower with a cooldown-based income generation, so this damage buff is a nerf to stalling.
  • BUFF Comanche Commander price reduced ($35,000 → $32,000)
Pursuit will now interact with Patrol Points in a limited 'pursuit between points', with this now you will be able to make your pursuit heli stay on one side on multi-path maps without getting stuck in the middle. Razor Rotors is fairly good now, but it could still justify a little more power given the weaknesses of the expensive upgrades that it builds into.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Pursuit upgrades the Patrol Points flight pattern to a 'Pursue Between Points'
  • BUFF 3-0-x Razor Rotors rotors attack cooldown reduced from 0.5s to 0.45s
  • BUFF 3-0-2 Razor Rotors rotors attack cooldown reduced from 0.4s to 0.36s.
The blowback rate of Special Poperations is being increased to reflect the previous changes upgrading downdraft to support chinook and bring up more lategame value in the support capabilities of this path. Comanche Commander’s value soared recently with buffs along with the recent Geraldo subtowers bugfix which solidified it as a strong lategame dps, and given the powerful synergies right now the current price feels far too low for what is now a solid pick for any map; we feel this may not be enough of a nerf but wish to hold off until v43 for further changes to be considered with this synergy.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Special Poperations downdraft attack cooldown reduced from 0.15s to 0.075s
  • NERF Comanche Commander price increased from $32,000 to $35,000
Overall Comanche cleanup and stats shuffle; with the goal of improving baseline non-buffed performance and making it less demanding of Geraldo’s Pickle for high damage.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Special Poperations Marine can now be sold in CHIMPS
  • NERF Comanche Defense mini's attack cooldown increased from 0.151848s to 0.228s. Also affects Comanche Commander.
  • BUFF Comanche Commander mini heli dart damage increased from 2 to 3
  • BUFF Comanche Defense mini's missile damage from 1 to 4. Does not affect Comanche Commander (15).
  • NERF Comanche Defense mini's missile pierce from 80 to 60. Also affects Comanche Commander.
  • Change Comanche Defense mini's missile ceramic bonus not changed from +1 to +2, because the original ceramic bonus is +2. (Ninja Kiwi wrongly stating that it is +1)
  • NERF Comanche Defense mini's missile no longer gains +2 MOAB-class damage
  • BUFF Comanche Commander mini's missile ceramic bonus increased from +2 to +10
  • NERF Comanche Commander mini's missile no longer gains +8 MOAB-class damage

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • NERF Comanche Defense and Comanche Commander no longer gain double benefits from Permabrew (similar to 6.0 Heli-Alch nerf, but applies to Permabrew too now).
  • Change Support Chinook should no longer revert placement settings after being canceled.
  • Change Marine is now placed correctly more consistently.
  • BUFF x-4-x Resolved a crash with support chinook redeploy.
  • BUFF x-5-x Redeploy crash issue with arctic wind has been resolved.
  • NERF Redeploy can no longer move Sun Temples in some cases.
  • NERF It is no longer possible to stack towers on top of the Carrier Flagship via the sell-rebuy Flagship exploit.
  • NERF It is no longer possible to place "floating" land towers on water via selling Arctic Wind while Chinook picks up the land tower that would land towards the Arctic Wind platform.
  • BUFF x-x-4 Heli's Comanche now correctly gain camo detection from Monkey Villages.
  • BUFF x-4-x Towers in-transit from one location to another will no longer be sold when a platform that was supporting them is moved or destroyed.
  • NERF Redeploy no longer can used to stack towers on top of other existing towers.
  • BUFF x-4-x Selling a Support Chinook will no longer occasional randomly sell other towers.
  • BUFF x-4-x Support Chinook will no longer crash the game attempting to redeploy an Arctic Wind monkey onto its own frozen platform.
  • Change Heli will no longer lock rotation sometimes when locked in place.
  • BUFF Should no longer cause a crash on Geared when map is turning.
  • BUFF Resolved a crash related to 2 chinook helis targeting the same tower.
  • NERF Co-op no longer allows towers to be upgraded while redeploying.
  • Change x-3-x Downdraft Blowback effects can no longer push Bloons out of bounds.
  • NERF x-5-x Resolved an issue with Door Gunner allowing deployment on invalid terrain.
  • Change x-4-x Support Chinook now records Cash Earned separately from pops.
  • Change x-x-1 Faster Firing description has been updated with more detail.
  • Change x-x-3 MOAB Shove description has been updated with more detail.
  • BUFF x-0-4 Comanche Defense should now correctly be able to spawn Mini-Comanche if it is granted camo detection from an external source.
  • BUFF Comanche Defense should no longer be completely and utterly bonk on Workshop.
  • BUFF Special Poperations will no longer crash the game if disabling MK after picking up a door gunner.
  • BUFF Resolved a crash when setting Heli patrol points to a distance so small it was dividing by zero.
  • NERF Door gunner can no longer collect towers from the Polyphemus Eye as it closes


When placing a Heli Pilot:

When activating Supply Crate Ability:

When activating Redeploy Ability:

When activating Marine Ability:


Official artwork[]


  • This tower has one of the 6 upgrade paths (specifically path 3) that are made entirely of upgrades that weren't in Bloons TD 5, not counting the Druid and Alchemist which are completely new towers. The other 5 paths are: path 3 of the Ice Monkey, path 1 of the Wizard Monkey, path 3 of the Super Monkey, path 3 of the Banana Farm and path 3 for the Spike Factory.
    • 5 of these 6 are third paths, but it should not be surprising, considering that, excluding the cases where the new upgrades are evenly distributed among the three paths, path 3 introduces Tier 3 and above upgrades that are new to this game.
  • Unlike Sniper Monkey, Mortar Monkey or Monkey Ace, Heli Pilot can get the range buff bonus to increase the actual attack range of helicopters.
  • All of the upgrade paths are based upon real life helicopters, with the first path based on the AH-64 Apache, the second based on the CH-47 Chinook, and the third based on the RAH-66 Comanche.