Heli Hangar is the specialty building for the Heli Pilot in Bloons TD 5 Mobile.


Heli Hangar SB

Heli Hangar upgrades

  1. Cost: Monkey Dollar1000 (Reduces the cost of Heli Pilots and their upgrades by 5%)
  2. Cost: Monkey Dollar1000 (Increases range by 10%)
  3. Cost: Monkey Dollar1500 (Heli Pilots take up 20% less room)
  4. Cost: Monkey Dollar1500 (Heli Pilot flies a lot faster in Pursuit mode)

Disadvantage: Increases cost of Monkey Apprenctices and its upgrades by 5%



  • The Mobile version's Tier 2 description is wrong; it actually increases the attack speed by 10%, and the range is unaffected by it. Same happens with the Tier 2 Mage Spire's effect.
  • Heli Hangar Tier 3's pad actually takes 35% less room rather than 20%, as the description says about it.
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