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Walkthrough by Cutterfish12345[]


An image of me at the beginning of Round 65

As an amateur BTD5 player, I find this track to be quite challenging. And for this track, I am not able to use my regular strategy: Ninja Monkeys and Wizard Monkeys backed by 2/2 Village. In this walkthrough, money starts getting a lot tight from early to mid-game so Road Spikes would be essential to prevent any leaking bloons (I finished the track with 118 lives). So I'll give a walkthrough of how I did it in Medium.

  1. Start the game by placing a Ninja at the top of the rug. After 1 round or two, add a Dart Monkey at the top-left.
  2. Upgrade the Ninja and Dart Monkey to 1/X. And place a Boomerang Monkey below the Dart Monkey.
  3. As you get the money, place a Ninja Monkey and a Boomerang Monkey by the Christmas tree at the right of the track.
  4. Upgrade the Dart Monkey to 1/3 and Ninja Monkey to 2/3. Then add a Wizard and a Buccaneer whenever you get the money.
  5. At this point, cash would be getting tight, so a Banana Farm would be helpful.
  6. Add a Monkey Sub next to the 3/2 Buccaneer and upgrade it to 2/X, then to 2/3.
  7. Add another Wizard Monkey and try to max the Dart Monkey (I couldn't). Add a Monkey Village right in the middle of the rug and try to upgrade it to X/2.
  8. Upgrade the 2 Wizards to 3/2 and 2/3. And try to add 2 Subs.
  9. Upgrade the Banana Farm to 2/1 and upgrade Monkey Village to 2/2.
  10. Place a Bomb Shooter at the entrance with its range encompassing the track next to the Christmas tree and upgrade it to X/3.
  11. At this point, you would probably start encountering MOABs. So add another same upgraded Bomb Shooter next to the Wizards and try to afford a Super Monkey.
  12. Upgrade the two Bomb Shooters to X/4 and Super Monkey to 2/3.
  13. Now hopefully you would be able to beat this track on Medium. :)

(If I missed any upgrades of towers, upgrade them as more as possible)