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Heart of Vengeance Icon BTD6.png|Heart of Vengeance upgrade icon
Heart of Vengeance Icon BTD6.png|Heart of Vengeance upgrade icon
Heart of Vengeance Describe 17.0.png|New Heart of Vengeance description starting from Version 17.0

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Heart of Vengence

Bloons TD 6 official artwork

Gains 10% attack speed and 1% for every life lost from the starting value after the upgrade. Maxes at 100% and diminishes if lives are restored.
~ BTD6 official description

Heart of Vengeance is the second upgrade of Path 3 for the Druid. It gives the Druid automatic 10% attack speed, and afterwards adds a 1% attack speed buff for each life lost from when the upgrade is bought. The attack speed buff is capped at 100%, meaning that the maximum attack speed buff is attained when 90 lives are lost. This buff will reverse if lives are gained. This lives lost does not consider any lives above the original amount of lives.

It costs $300 on Medium.


  • Just as losing lives will increase attack speed, gaining lives will make Druids with this upgrade attack slower. It is best not to use life gaining strategies with this path of upgrades, such as with Benjamin, Support Chinook's Supply Crate ability, or the Spirit of the Forest upgrade.
    • However, in practice, this effect is not as pronounced as the following upgrades can still be functional without the attack speed buff.
  • Lives absorbed by the Mana Shield do not count towards the attack boost.
  • Note that using a Continue will decrease Heart of Vengeance bonuses, as using a Continue gains lives, thus lowering Heart of Vengeance bonus.

Version History

  • Buff +10% permanent attack speed buff upon upgrading. This is part of the potential 100% attack speed buff.


  • Change balloonupgrade description changed to show exactly how much attack speed the tower gains



  • Heart of Vengeance used to be useless on CHIMPS Mode, but has since changed after Version 9.0 by providing +10% bonus attack speed by default.
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