Unleashes regular blasts of forked lightning that arc from bloon to bloon.
~ BTD6 Description

Heart of Thunder is the 2nd upgrade of the 1st path in Bloons TD 6. It allows the Druid shoot lightning bolts similar to a 2-x Monkey Apprentice in BTD5 albeit with lower pop limit and attack speed. Lightning bolts are shot every 2.3 seconds and deal 1 layer of damage and each has 31 pierce per bolt. These bolts also do follow along the path and when paths intersect and near each other, such as on Cubism, it will jump from path to path randomly zapping bloons. The bolts cannot pop Purple Bloons, although the main thorn attack still does.

It costs $850 on Easy, $1000 on Medium, $1080 on Hard, and $1200 on Impoppable.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • While the seeking AI of the bolt attack is not fully known, on certain maps, it bounces to the last 30 bloons on the screen.
  • The lightning bolts actually have 31 pierce, since the lightning bolt attack sparks from one bloon and jumps to up to 30 other bloons.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Similarly to BTD5's Lightning Bolt from the Monkey Apprentice, Heart of Thunder is very useful at countering Lead Bloons and grouped bloons from far distances of the map.
  • This upgrade combined with Druid of Wrath can accelerate wrath bonuses very quickly compared with crosspathing with Thorn Swarm, due to how much more pierce Heart of Thunder can impact onto massive groups of regular bloons. Druid of Wrath's wrath bonuses are dependent on the amount of total damage dealt consecutively, assuming that the Druid of Wrath hasn't become idle within 2.0s.
  • Note that the lightning bolts cannot hurt Purple Bloons. There are alternative upgrades available that can act rather similarly to Heart of Thunder that can hit Purple Bloons, including Boomerang Monkey's Glaive Ricochet and M.O.A.R. Glaives upgrades.
  • The 2-2-0 Heart of Thunder is a decent choice for removing Regrow properties off grouped Regrows, such as those on Rounds 76 or 79, due to the Heart of Oak buff in Version 18.0.

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