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Marketplaces now produce 1 life per round and Central Markets produce 3.
~ In-game description

Healthy Bananas is a Support Monkey Knowledge point in Bloons TD 6, added in Version 15.0. It allows all Marketplaces to gain +1 life after every round, and Central Markets gain +3 lives per round, but Monkey Wall Street gains the same amount of lives. It requires eight support knowledge points invested, Inland Revenue Streams, and a one-time purchase of BloonjaminsIcon500.



Gaining more lives early on the game allows for better survival in later rounds. The most valuable part of this MK comes from its vital life regeneration without needing to spend expensive upgrades such as Support Chinook or Spirit of the Forest.


  • Lych boss events are where this MK will shine the best, as Lych-Soul's life draining is highly damaging for player defenses and, most importantly, Lych-Soul can drain lives down to 0, causing an instant game over.
    • This is especially the case with Elite Lych Tier 1. Tier 1 Elite Lych-Soul drains a whopping 11 lives every time it inflicts a health loss onto the player. As most Elite Lych events start with either 50 or 100 lives, having even just a few Marketplaces are capable of at least doubling the total life count, resulting in a much larger health cushion.
  • This Monkey Knowledge does not work on Impoppable mode, as life gain is disabled there.

Version History[]

Nothing has changed for Healthy Bananas itself since its inception in BTD6. It is worth taking note that it was introduced much weaker than the BTD4 and BTD5 Premium Upgrade counterparts, but because pre-BTD6 Premium Upgrades and BTD6 MK are so distinct, these changes are not listed. It is worth mentioning Monkey Wall Street gaining a life regeneration of its own in Version 28.0, making life regeneration via Farms not limited to MK.

  • BUFF Healthy Bananas provides more total lives for Monkey Wall Street (3 → 8; 0 → 5 without MK)
  • BUFF Healthy Bananas provides more total lives for Monkey Wall Street (8 → 10; 5 → 10 without MK), although Wall Street is no longer affected by MK



  • The Healthy Bananas MK in BTD6 is far weaker than in BTD5 Flash or BTD5 Mobile.
  • The Version 15.0 update log's description for Healthy Banana was 'Marketplaces stock fresher bananas with no added DDT'. This is likely a play on the DDT and the pesticide that shares the same name with it.