Healthy Bananas

The Healthy Bananas icon in BTD4

Healthy Bananas Icon

The Healthy Bananas icon in BTD5

Healthy Bananas is a premium upgrade for the Banana Farm in Bloons Tower Defense 4 and Bloons Tower Defense 5. It costs CoinsIcon15 in BTD4, CoinsIcon15 in BTD5, Monkey Dollar4800 in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe, Monkey Dollar1000 in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Steam and $0.99 USD in BTD5 Mobile. When a round ends, you get as many lives as upgrades on the Banana Farms plus one for the Farm itself (multiple farms also means more lives).

For example, a Banana Republic (3-0) gives 4 lives. A Banana Research Facility (4-0) will earn you 5 lives and 7 with Valuable Bananas, whereas 2 unupgraded Banana Farms earn 2 lives total.

This Premium Upgrade allows for one of the only ways to let a M.O.A.B. Class Bloon through a level and still have lives to spare (the others being More Lives, Support Chinook and Triple Lives). If the player can save up enough lives, there will still be some left over if a MOAB-Class Bloon is let through. However, you'd need to save up 16,657 lives to let a ZOMG escape with 1 life remaining.


  • As players share their lives in Co-op Mode, the player also benefits from the team-mate's Healthy Bananas, and the upgrade itself affects both player's Banana Farms.
  • In an Odyssey, the fact that the player has one set of lives becomes an advantage with Healthy Bananas, because the player can get 30,000 lives or more if they are extreme banana farming throughout an entire hard Odyssey.
  • Healthy Bananas will not generate lives in Impoppable difficulty, but will in Covert Pops and Daily Challenges only gives the player 1 life but allows Banana Farms.
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