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Haunted Swamp is an Intermediate Track in Bloons Tower Defense 5. It was released on the same day Co-op Mode was introduced, 26th March 2013 and is one of four co-op exclusive tracks released on the day alongside Alpine Lake, Cash Money and Spider.


The map appears to be a barren swampland with a fractured stone wall splitting the two halves apart, the centre of the map consisting of a bridge going over a small pond. Unlike most co-op maps, the track consists of only a single entrance/exit and the path starts at the top-left before it crosses through both halves of the map five times and exits at the bottom-right. Despite this, its intermediate classification most likely comes from the shortened length of the path combined with the map's rotational symmetry between the two halves, making players needing to partake in slightly more specific roles in order to succeed.


The ghost bloon

Name Awesome Points Image
Haunted Swamp Co-Op Olympian AwesomeIcon.png30 Haunted Swamp Achievement.png


Monkey Money Rewards
Monkey-Money.png Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
First Time $150
Completed $30


  • If you wait long enough, you can see a ghostly bloon floating through the track, going quite fast. It appears to phase in and out of view, like a Phasing Bloon in Bloons Super Monkey 2.
    • This might confuse players considering it being a bloon that leaked the towers' defense.