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When you look around at the lands surrounding your City, you can see the toughness of the Bloons in those lands by the land's rating. Any land with 4 orange circles or more is considered Hard difficulty. Capture 1 piece of land rated Hard.
~ "Toughen Up" Quest description
Bfb pack

A Hard BFB Pack tile

Hard BMC

Hard Difficulty in BMC Flash

The Hard Difficulty in terms of Bloons Monkey City is a type of difficulty given to a tile based on a player's level. On these sorts of tile, the player would need to prepare well to complete it. Most experienced players should be able to complete such a tile without too much difficulty. It would require a very high amount of determination for any inexperienced player to complete.

Table of times before no more Hard tiles[]

For this table, a certain level may be reached before a tile may no longer have any Hard tiles. All tiles can be marked Hard except for Red Bloon and Blue Bloon tiles.

Strongest bloon in certain type of normal tile Level at which the type of tile no longer has Hard tiles
Red N/A
Blue (Mobile Only) N/A
Green 4
Yellow (Mobile Only) 9
Pink 14
Black 16
White 17
Zebra (Mobile Only) 18
Lead 20
Rainbow 22
Ceramic 28
BFB 38
ZOMG / DDT / MOAB Pack / BFB Pack Never

Table for times for replaying tiles on Hard difficulty[]

In Replay Tracks, it is possible to play any track on Medium difficulty or above. This table shows the required level for replaying at each difficulty. On the flash version, this is unlocked at Level 10, though Mobile never had a restriction for that.

Tile Type

Level Required

Red 1
Blue 2
Green 3
Yellow Never
Pink 4-?
Black Never
White 8
Zebra (Mobile only)



  • At the start of the game, a Green Bloon tile will be marked as Hard.
  • In Level 16, a Lead tile and a MOAB tile can both be marked as Hard.
  • The easiest tile difficulty at the edge of the map is Hard.