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Marceline's most treasured posession. Reduces ability costs and cooldowns.
~ BATTD description
Hambo b

Description before buying the trinket (pre-TBA)

The Hambo is an Epic Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It can be equipped by Marceline and Hunter Marceline.




Hambo is a useful trinket for Marceline but not Hunter Marceline, as the latter prefers more DPS trinkets. It reduces cost of abilities for all towers in range of their base but not Marceline herself, but the ability cooldown reduction only applies for Marceline herself. Since the cost reduces by 50%, one is recommended to buy Marceline or Hunter Marceline with Hambo before any ability upgrade that costs above $2400. For example, the Sun God upgrade of Supermonkey normally costs $40,000 but will only cost $20,000 if either version of Marceline with Hambo is nearby, in which case the player has saved at least $18,800 ($19,050 if equipped to Hunter Marceline).


  • TBA