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It's all on fire now!
~ Quote from Gwendolin
Gwen bp

Gwendolin throwing cocktails and firing flames

Gwendolin is a Hero that appears in Bloons Pop!. Once she is thrown in a certain direction, she can pop bloons directly by colliding with them, while shooting burning fire down-diagonally towards the direction she is facing, and does so every time she collides with a bloon. She will drop 3-8 (on average 5-6) cocktails that explode fire at the center and produce 8 meteors that pass any obstacle and deal burning damage to affected bloons, depending on the duration she is in play. Bloons set on fire take 1 damage every second-long tick for 2 ticks. Neither her attacks nor her collisions will affect Purple Bloons nor invisible Camo Bloons. If she reaches the bottom of the screen, she will jump much faster and subsequently move much faster too. Gwendolin is unlocked at Level 3.


Gwendolin excels at creating widespread damage, as long as she is still moving around and active. It's her cocktails that make the greatest difference in her true power, not so much her main flame attack, but these flames still make a considerable difference to her popping power.

Compared to other heroes, Gwendolin excels at damage against bloons distributed along multiple rows and columns but is dependent on RNG to get her cocktails to land in the right spot. The RNG involved with Gwendolin is somewhat high, but this can be controlled by tossing her into a basin-like formation to let the cocktails choke the bloons from the inside out. She is one of the many heroes capable of inflicting enough pops to summon multiple heroes given enough bloons popped.


  • Gwendolin's attacks do not get blocked by Purples, but they will simply be ignored by Purples. An indication of these attacks doing no damage to Purples is indicated by a distinct energetic "honk" sound.
  • Try saving Gwendolin where there are large crowds of bloons. Use other monkeys such as Dart Monkeys or Super Monkeys to deal with separated bloons.
  • Gwendolin can become especially powerful when it comes to bouncing between Bloons and obstacles/the bottom of the screen, as the obstacles somehow extend her airtime and therefore her staying power.
  • Don't use Gwendolin if there are too many Purples.
  • Like Adora, Gwendolin will always bounce harder once she reaches the bottom. Take this into account if she reaches the bottom, but don't rely on this bounce because the large bounce can make her attacks inconsistent.
  • Be cautioned when using Gwendolin with Vortex Hazards, as the Vortexes can drag in her fireballs and render them useless.



  • Gwendolin's cocktail does not work like her BTD6 counterpart.
  • Gwedolin's Icon shares the same artwork with her appearance in the Bloons TD 6 Opening Screen.