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Gunter is Ice King's loyal servant, an enthusiastic bottle smasher and definitely not an alien deity in disguise. He throws glass bottles at the bloons.
~ BATTD description
Throws glass bottles at bloons.
~ Short description

Gunter is Ice King's loyal servant and a Common ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD that can only be equipped to him. When placed, he throws glass bottles that deal Sharp damage, popping 1 bloon per throw. He costs $300 to place.


  • Low cost
  • Slow attack speed


Icon upgrade range
Far Reaching Flippers
COST: $260
Description: Gunter's range is increased
Effect: +5 range
Icon upgrade special
Brittle Bottles
COST: $340
Upgrade(s) Required:
Far Reaching Flippers
Description: Bottles shatter into 3 shards for more popping
Effect: attacks similarly to Airburst Darts
Icon upgrade special
COST: $30,000
Upgrade(s) Required:
Brittle Bottles
Description: Unleash Orgalorg's cosmic power for massive popping
Effect: Switches from a bottle based attack to a much more powerful and faster plasma-based attack (3 damage, 10 pierce, 0.1s attack cooldown).


  • It is recommended to not place down Gunter in the early game as it deals low damage with a mediocre attack speed and costs more than a Dart Monkey.



  • Once upgraded to Orgalorg, a miniature version of Orgalorg will sit on top of Gunter's head.
  • Gunter currently has the second most expensive upgrade (before any price reduction) for any unit in the game, the first being Supermonkey's Sun God ($40,000) upgrade.