"Ground Zero" redirects here. For the BTD5 counterpart, see Ground Zero (BTD5).
Ground Zero Ability: Drops a huge bomb that destroys most things on screen.
~ BTD6 Upgrade Description

Ground Zero, is the 4th upgrade on Path 2 in BTD6. Similar to the BTD5 Ground Zero, the Ground Zero upgrade in BTD6 adds a new ability that deals 700 damage to all bloons on the screen, twice the power compared to in BTD5. In addition to an added ability, the Ground Zero plane now drops improved Bomber Ace bomb arrays that deal 10 damage per bomb. The bomb arrays still cannot pop Black Bloon properties, but the ability bomb does. It costs $11,900 on Easy, $14,000 on Medium, $15,120 on Hard, and $16,800 on Impoppable.

The Operation: Dart Storm is no longer on the same path as the Ground Zero, and so the plane now appears similar to the Boeing B-29 Superfortress instead of a B-2 Spirit Bomber.

The ability deals 700 damage to all bloons on the screen. This is enough to pop non-fortified MOABs and DDTs before Round 101. Again, a Super Monkey Storm can be used instead, but it costs much more Monkey Money to purchase Super Monkey Storms than in BTD5. Note that there is an initial cooldown of 15 seconds before initial activation.

Each Ground Zero will have a cooldown of 45 seconds upon activation, along with approximately 1.5 seconds before the special Ground Zero bomb explodes on impact.

The landing base will have green borders upon purchasing the upgrade.

Update HistoryEdit

Initial Realease

Buff After use of the Ground Zero ability would give +8 damage for 10 seconds


Nerf Remove damage buff effect from Ground Zero ability

Buff Ground Zero bombs do 10 damage permanently (3 -> 10)



  • A common abbreviation for Ground Zero is "G0" or "GZ".
  • Ground Zero currently does twice as much damage as the current damage that BTD5's Ground Zero did (700 over 350).
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