Green bloons move even faster and have blue bloons inside them!
~ Round 6 in Bloons TD 1
First Green Bloons are coming next round.
~ Round 6 BTD5
Have some free money with the 80 Greens coming up next round.
~ Round 18 BTD5

The Green Bloon is a Bloon that appears in every Bloons game to date. It traditionally appears in Round 6. It spawns a Blue Bloon, and is the "grandparent" of a Red Bloon. It is faster than a Blue Bloon, but it is slower than the Bloon it spawns from (a Yellow Bloon). It moves at the same speed as a Black Bloon (5 BPS). It has a RBE of 1 (in Bloons games) or 3 (other games), meaning it takes 3 hits to pop completely.


Green Bloons are even faster than Blue Bloons and take three hits to fully pop it. Similar to Blue Bloons, Green Bloons become dangerous in densely packed groups. Unlike the Blue Bloon though, one single Dart Monkey will usually be not enough to destroy Green Bloons, including spaced Green Bloons. Consider grouping in Dart Monkeys.

Some notes regarding Green Bloon appearances are as follows:

  • Lots of Green Bloons come out at Round 49 and 27 on Bloons Tower Defense 5.
  • In BTD5 and BTD6, they first appear on Round 6.
    • In BTD6, Impoppable and CHIMPS will always start on Round 6, meaning Green Bloons appear on the very first round to start off.
  • In BTD Battles, Grouped Greens become available on Round 6. They come in dense groups of 5 each. When sent in huge numbers, they become very difficult to beat.


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