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Gravelord Lych drains buffs from your Monkeys, healing itself in the process. When each skull on its health bar is reached, Lych goes ethereal, resurrecting the empty shells of recently popped MOAB class Bloons. When ethereal, Lych cannot be damaged until all resurrected Bloons have been popped, including the life-draining Lych-soul Bloon. Resurrected MOAB class Bloons do not spawn children, selling towers will heal Lych.
~ BTD6 Description

Gravelord Lych is a Boss Bloon added Bloons TD 6 in the 28.0 update. It is the second Boss Bloon to be introduced to Bloons TD 6, and the first Boss Bloon unique to the BTD6 Generation. Its unique properties center around resurrecting MOAB-Class Bloons and regaining health upon the use of applied/temporary tower buffs and selling.

Visual Description[]

Lych is a large MOAB-class bloon with a diamond-shaped hull similar to ZOMG, and is much bigger than the previously debuted boss, Bloonarius. Lych has a small propeller with multiple blades forming a cone shape and pointy black fence rods protruding from its backside. It has holes that leak out cyan-green mist, as well as lime green eyes and smaller hole in middle. It also has stitches strewn across its frontside. Purple shark-like fins protrude from its hull. Later tiers include fence tips at frontside.

Lych's presence in a Boss Event is signified by clouds of ghostly green mist that periodically float across the map.


Elite Lych has a more macabre appearance, most notably through its chain censer attachment and third eye on the forehead. It also has more stitches, soul-emitting holes, and twin set of fins on its body. The fins on its sides have jagged bat-like appearance. Later tiers include second set of tail fins, and lime green chains surrounding it and Tier 5 changing the censer with a golden one with spikes.

Playing Lych[]


Lych's description on the Boss Bloon Event menu

Lych can be found in Boss Bloon Events, which requires a minimum of Rank 20 to access, like other events. If Lych is the boss selected for that week, then from Saturday 8:00 PM NZT to the next Thursday 4:00 PM NZT, the Boss Bloon icon will appear on the main menu screen. In some cases however, the event may end earlier than normal. Click the button to access the Boss Event page. At first the Normal Lych will be unlocked. Defeating all five tiers of Normal Lych will unlock the Elite Version. Check the ranked mode option in the bottom right corner to compete against other players.


Lych's spawning location

Lych spawns in a ghostly region of the map marked by several gravestones that emit souls, around 1/50 of the track length into the track. Likewise, the Lych spawns two types of minions: Lych-Soul and Resurrected Blimps. Resurrected Blimps are resurrected MOAB-class bloons covered in green chains, while Lych-Soul is a mini-boss version of Lych spawned whenever Lych becomes ethereal. There is a HUD for how many rounds left Lych is yet to come. Once ready, Lych will materialize onto the map and start its tedious journey to the end of the map. Upon defeat, Lych disappears in a purple explosion leaving a few souls behind.

Where there are multiple simultaneous lanes on a map (e.g. Encrypted, Sunken Columns, X Factor), Lych chooses the first available path. For maps with alternating lanes (e.g. Bazaar, Chutes, X Factor), Lych will still take the first available path instead of the round's corresponding first lane. If there is a blimp-only lane available (e.g. Quiet Street, Cargo, Workshop), Lych will guarantee to spawn from that lane. On the map, Bloonarius Prime, Lych will take a special path that integrates both lanes. In Balance map, Lych takes different path in each tier and has the cycle of path taken by 4 tiers. (e.g. The tier 5 of both normal and elite ones will choose the same path as the tier 1 does.)


Special Properties[]

Lych will absorb certain buffs from nearby towers upon spawning and every 12 seconds after spawning, healing itself in the process. Lych is not able to leech buffs while invulnerable, and if 12 seconds since its last leech has passed while invulnerable, Lych will instead immediately use its buff sap upon exiting its ethereal state. Selling towers heals it instantly instead. Applied and temporary buffs as well as Permanent Brew and Ultraboost count as buffs, including charge-related abilities such as Super Monkey Fan Club, Elite Defender's life-loss trigger, and Call To Arms. However, permanent passive buffs (auras), like Jungle Drums, Shinobi Tactics, and Elite Sniper, are not able to be sapped.

Every time Lych leeches out benefits from buffs, it will also stun nearby towers with the stolen buff for 5 seconds, regardless of whether it's inflicted by Elite Lych or Normal Lych. Lych regenerates 1% health by default, plus 1% of its HP per highest tier of each sold tower (e.g. a Tier 5 tower heals 6% HP regardless of crosspathing, an unupgraded tower heals 1% hp when sold) and 2% of its HP per stolen buff.

Selling Sub-Towers will be considered selling an unupgraded tower, healing Lych only 1% of its total hp per sub-tower sold. This extends to Master Builder's mega sentries, and thus, detonating the mega sentries will typically still be a net damage gain. Note that manually deploying Mega Sentries to activate explosions will not heal Lych.

Lych also becomes invulnerable to damage while reaching skull health. When Lych does so, it will produce a miniature version of itself, Lych-Soul, as well as chained resurrections of any MOAB-Class Bloons that were popped in the last 20 seconds. The Lych-Soul will drain a certain amount of lives every 4 seconds; the number of lives drained depends on the tier and is much higher for the Elite version, and Lych-Soul can defeat the player through draining all lives. The chained MOAB-Class Bloons have significantly more health than normal, but spawn no children when destroyed. Lych remains invulnerable until the Lych-Soul and all of the resurrected MOAB-Class Bloons are popped, although it spends 7.5s phasing in and out at minimum, regardless of how fast they are popped.

Tier 1-4 Lych's buff-sucking has 100 range (to test this range quantity, use a Bloon Trap on Sandbox), making it possible to get away with using those buffs before Tier 5 for long distance towers.

Lych is noticeably faster than Bloonarius, over twice as fast in its final Tier 5 Elite form in comparison to the Tier 5 Elite Bloonarius. Like Bloonarius, only standard game modifiers (Easy = base speed, Medium = +10%, Hard = +25%) and the MOAB Speed modifier affect the speed of Lych. Exact statistics in comparison to a red bloon are listed below:

Relative Speed Compared to Red Bloon
Tier Normal Lych Elite Lych
1 9.2% 10%
2 9.2% 10.8%
3 10% 11.6%
4 10.8% 12%
5 10.8% 12.4%

For comparison, ZOMGs and BADs move at 18% the speed of a Red Bloon, ignoring speed ramping. Elite Tier 5 Lych, which moves the fastest of the Lych tiers, moves at 34.79% the speed of a Round 120 ZOMG (R120 ZOMGs move +98% faster than a pre-R81 ZOMG).

Lych also regularly summons MOAB-class bloons from the entrance, causing rounds especially in the earliest Lych tiers to contain more MOAB-class bloons than normal. During Lych events, more MOABs appear than normal in earlier rounds along with rounds 40, 60, 80, and 100 also being modified. The normal bloon spawns on Round 41-48 are modified on top of each Boss Bloon spawn round and normal Round 41-48. Round modifiers are listed below:

Round Description
40 MOAB replaced by 6 Ceramics
41 1 MOAB
42 1 MOAB
43 1 Fortified MOAB
44 2 MOABs
45 1 Fortified MOAB, 1 MOAB
46 1 Fortified MOAB, 1 MOAB
47 2 Fortified MOABs
48 2 Fortified MOABs
60 BFB replaced by 6 MOABs
80 ZOMG replaced by 6 BFBs
100 BAD replaced by 10 ZOMGs, 15 DDTs


If at skull health, it will stay invulnerable until its resurrected offspring are all killed. It will also spawn a mini ghost version of itself, the Lych-Soul, that slowly drains lives (quantity of lives removed depends on tier and if it's normal/elite). The lives that it drains are used to heal Lych, and leaking it will result in an immediate loss. The Lych-Soul is quite fast and durable. During Lych's invulnerable phase, Lych will move at half speed.

Otherwise, Gravelord Lych's immunities are the same as other Boss Bloons:


These stats are for normal Lych. For information about Elite Lych, see #Elite Lych.

Boss Tier Skull Count Health
1 player 2 players
3 players
4 players
1 5 14,000 16,800 19,600 22,400
2 5 52,500 63,000 73,500 84,000
3 5 220,000 264,000 308,000 352,000
4 5 525,000 630,800 735,000 840,000
5 5 2,100,000 2,520,000 2,940,000 3,360,000

Boss Health in co-op scales with number of players. Each additional player increases the Boss health by 20%, up to 60%.

Like all Boss Bloons, Lych's total health can be adjusted with challenge modifiers that affect MOAB-class health, specifically the Double HP MOABs (2x health) submode, the MOAB Health modifier, and the Boss Health modifier.

Bloon Swarms[]

Lych will send Lych-Soul and a number of childless MOAB-class bloons upon reaching skull health.

These stats are for normal Lych. For information about Elite Lych, see #Elite Lych.

Boss Tier Lych-Soul Health Bloons Sent on Skull
(Popped Blimps below BAD, from the last 20 seconds)
1 1,280 1.6x speed and 4x health.
2 3,050 1.7x speed and 6x health.
3 7,000 1.8x speed and 7x health.
4 14,500 1.9x speed and 8x health.
5 47,000 2x speed and 9x health.

Since the Lych-Soul is technically a Boss Bloon, Boss Health for Lych-Soul in co-op scales with number of players. Each additional player increases the Boss health by 20%, up to 60%.

All of Lych's minions can have their health adjusted with challenge modifiers that affect MOAB-class health, specifically the Double HP MOABs (2x health) submode, the Boss Health modifier, and the MOAB Health modifier.

For further information about specific blimp health, refer to Resurrected Blimps #Health and Speed.

Drained Lives[]

Lych's Lych-Soul absorbs a certain number of lives for every four seconds it exists on the screen. How many lives it drains depends on its tier.

Boss Tier Leech Quantity
(Every 4 seconds)
1 1
2 2
3 5
4 10
5 17

Elite Lych[]

Elite Lych is a stronger version of the boss, possessing much more health, resurrects blimps with higher health and speed, and possesses more skull health stages than its non-Elite counterpart. Its heal amount from sold towers and buffs remains the same as Normal. Popping it will give greater prizes.

Gimmick (Elite)[]

Elite Lych-Soul spawned from Lych reaching Skull Health will drain more lives per 4 seconds.

Just like Normal Lych, each time Elite Lych leeches out benefits from buffs, it will also stun nearby towers with the stolen buff for up to 5 seconds if inflicted by Elite Lych. Elite Lych also regenerates a specific percentage of HP from sapping of any kind.

Elite Health[]

Boss Tier Skull Count Health
1 player 2 players
3 players
4 players
1 7 30,000 36,000 42,000 48,000
2 7 180,000 216,000 252,000 288,000
3 7 1,100,000 1,320,000 1,540,000 1,760,000
4 7 4,800,000 5,760,000 6,720,000 7,680,000
5 7 24,000,000 28,800,000 33,600,000 38,400,000

Boss Health in co-op scales with number of players. Each additional player increases the Boss health by 20%, up to 60%.

Like all Boss Bloons, Elite Lych's total health can be adjusted with challenge modifiers that affect MOAB-class health, specifically the Double HP MOABs (2x health) submode, the MOAB Health modifier, and the Boss Health modifier.

Bloon Swarms[]

Lych will send Lych-Soul and a number of childless MOAB-class bloons upon reaching skull health.

Boss Tier Lych-Soul Health Bloons Sent on Skull
(Popped Blimps below BAD, from the last 20 seconds)
1 1,600 1.8x speed and 7x health.
2 5,600 1.9x speed and 8x health.
3 25,000 2x speed and 9x health.
4 100,000 2.1x speed and 10x health.
5 485,000 2.2x speed and 12x health.

Since the Lych-Soul is technically a Boss Bloon, Boss Health for Lych-Soul in co-op scales with number of players. Each additional player increases the Boss health by 20%, up to 60%.

All of Lych's minions can have their health adjusted with challenge modifiers that affect MOAB-class health, specifically the Double HP MOABs (2x health) submode and the MOAB Health modifier.

For further information about specific blimp health, refer to Resurrected Blimps #Health and Speed.

Elite Drained Lives[]

Elite Lych's Lych-Soul drains far more lives each time than the Normal Lych-Soul.

Boss Tier Leech Quantity
(every 4 seconds)
1 11
2 12
3 15
4 20
5 27

Healing Triggers[]

Every 12 seconds, and upon spawning, Lych will try to sap all buffs in range. When trying to sap, Lych triggers health regeneration whenever it detects a target-related tower buff or certain self-buffs within a range of 100 (infinite in tier 5). In general, any applied buffs and/or temporary buffs, including all Alch buffs, Overclock and Ultraboost abilities & Ultraboost permastacks, are sappable, but permanent influence buffs, notably Village except Call To Arms and above's ability, Shinobi Tactics, and Support Sun Temples, are not sappable. Summon Phoenix and Wizard Lord Phoenix will also not be sapped. While sacrificing towers to a Sun Temple will typically not heal lych, sacrificing an Arctic Wind with towers on its ice platform may consider the sacrifice as selling the towers on the platform, which can heal lych. All hero buffs are also unable to be sapped at all. Grand Saboteur, despite its ability providing a temporary buff to all shinobi ninjas and above, will not get sapped. Certain Powers formerly could trigger Lych to sap buffed towers, but is no longer the case starting from Version 28.2.

Lych regenerates 2% of its health per sapped buff. Selling also triggers Lych, regenerating at a rate of 1% health per sold tower's max tier for both Normal and Elite, regardless of monetary value.

Below is a list of which buffs can be absorbed by Lych, and which buffs cannot:

Source(s) Absorbable
BuffIconComeOnEverybodyRate BuffIcon ComeOnEverybodyPrice Come On Everybody! BadMaimMoabParticle
SuperMonkeyFanClubUpgradeIcon Super Monkey Fan Club TickGreenIcon
PMFCUpgradeIcon Plasma Monkey Fan Club TickGreenIcon
TurboChargeUpgradeIcon Turbo Charge TickGreenIcon
PermaChargeUpgradeIcon Perma Charge TickGreenIcon
BuffIconBoomerangParagon Glaive Dominus BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconIcex5x Absolute Zero TickGreenIcon
EliteDefenderUpgradeIcon Elite Defender's passive ability TickGreenIcon
BuffIconSniperx5x Elite Sniper BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconSubHalf5xx Bloontonium Reactor BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconSub5xx Energizer BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconSubxx5 Sub Commander BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconSub5xx BuffIconMonkeySubParagon Nautic Siege Core BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconBuccaneer5xx Carrier Flagship BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconBuccaneerxx5 Trade Empire BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconBuccaneer5xx BuffIconBuccaneerxx5 Navarch of the Seas BadMaimMoabParticle
BombardmentUpgradeIconAA Artillery Battery TickGreenIcon
PopandAweUpgradeIcon Pop and Awe passive buffs BadMaimMoabParticle
EmergencyUnlockIcon Emergency Unlock TickGreenIcon
BuffIconWizardxx5 Prince of Darkness BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconTempleSunGod4xx Sun Temple BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconTrueSunGod5xx True Sun God BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconTrueSunGod555 Vengeful True Sun God BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconNinjax3x Shinobi Tactics passive buffs BadMaimMoabParticle
GrandSaboteurUpgradeIcon Grand Saboteur ability buffs BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconVillagex2x Ascended Shadow, Radar Scanner, and Etienne camo buffs BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconAlchemistxxx Acidic Mixture Dip TickGreenIcon
BuffIconAlchemist3xx Berserker Brew TickGreenIcon
BuffIconAlchemist4xx Stronger Stimulant TickGreenIcon
BuffIconAlchemist5xx Permanent Brew TickGreenIcon
TransformingTonicUpgradeIcon Transforming Tonic and Total Transformation TickGreenIcon
BuffIconDruidxx4 Poplust BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconBananaFarm5xx Banana Central BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconBananaFarmxx4 Central Market BadMaimMoabParticle
DirectedSpikesUpgradeIcon Smart Spikes' start of round production boost TickGreenIcon
BuffIconVillage1xx Monkey Village BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconVillage2xx Jungle Drums BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconVillage3xx Primary Training BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconVillage4xx Primary Mentoring BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconVillage5xx Primary Expertise BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconVillagex3x Monkey Intelligence Bureau BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconVillagex4x Call To Arms TickGreenIcon
BuffIconHomelandDefense Homeland Defense TickGreenIcon
BuffIconVillagexx1 Monkey Business BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconVillagexx2 Monkey Commerce BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconVillagexx3 Monkey Town BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconVillagexx4 Monkey City BadMaimMoabParticle
CleansingFoamUpgradeIcon Cleansing Foam's start of round production boost TickGreenIcon
BuffIconEngineerx4x Overclock TickGreenIcon
BuffIconEngineerx5x Ultraboost and its permanent buffs TickGreenIcon
Paragon-MasterBuilder Master Builder's self-ultraboosts BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconBeastHandlerFish BuffIconBeastHandlerDino BuffIconBeastHandlerBird Beast Handler beast power BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconParagonOfPower Paragon of Power BadMaimMoabParticle
RapidShotAA Quincy's Rapid Shot BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconGwendolin Gwendolin's Heat It Up BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconGwendolinPyrotechnics Gwendolin's passive buffs BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconStrikerJones Striker Jones' passive buffs BadMaimMoabParticle
TargetFocusAA Striker Jones' Target Focus BadMaimMoabParticle
ArtilleryCommandAA Striker Jones' Artillery Command BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconObyn BuffIconObynLevel11 Obyn Greenfoot's passive buffs BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconBiohack Benjamin's Biohack BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconBenjamin Benjamin's Bank Hack BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconSacrificialTotem Ezili's Sacrificial Totem BadMaimMoabParticle
EziliPortraitLvl10 Ezili's Necromancer buff BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconPatFusty Pat Fusty's Rallying Roar BadMaimMoabParticle
TheLongArmofLightAA Adora's Long Arm of Light ability BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconBloodSacrifice Adora's Blood Sacrifice BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconNavalTactics Admiral Brickell's Naval Tactics BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconBlastChain Admiral Brickell's Blast Chain BadMaimMoabParticle
AdmiralBrickellPortraitLvl7 Admiral Brickell's passive buff BadMaimMoabParticle
EtiennePortraitLvl20 Etienne's Perma-UCAV ability BadMaimMoabParticle
GeraldoPortrait Geraldo's buffs BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconRosalia Rosalia's Flight Boost BadMaimMoabParticle
BuffIconRosaliaSale Rosalia's discount buffs BadMaimMoabParticle
MonkeyBoostIcon Monkey Boost BadMaimMoabParticle
ThriveIcon Thrive BadMaimMoabParticle
DartTimeIcon Time Stop BadMaimMoabParticle
EnergisingTotemIcon Energizing Totem BadMaimMoabParticle
MapBuffIconRange Map-exclusive buffs (e.g. One Two Tree, Polyphemus, etc.) BadMaimMoabParticle
GlacialIceOverlay Glacial Trail freeze mechanic BadMaimMoabParticle



Badge for winning Normal Lych

Gravelord Lych and its Elite variant have 5 tiers each. Popping each tier rewards Monkey Money, and additional rewards upon beating higher tiers. Starting from Tier 3, Trophies can be earned. Beating the Tier 5 boss automatically wins the game, provided the player finishes the current round, and rewards the highest tier prize plus a special badge. Beating normal Tier 5 Lych during the current event rewards the standard Lych badge, while beating Tier 5 Elite Lych after beating the current standard Lych will additionally reward an Elite Lych badge.

Refer to Boss Bloon Event (BTD6) for further details.


See also: Gravelord Lych/Strategies


Lych is very elusive and exploits buff-oriented defenses by leeching at their attacking power. Lych is not targetable when it reaches skull health, spawning a few childless MOAB-class bloons and a Lych-Soul that drains player lives. In addition to farming early in the game aggressively, try damaging Lych while avoiding any action that causes health-leeching to trigger, especially Alch buffs.

Lych is faster than Bloonarius although not as fast as Vortex, but has the lowest effective HP of all Bosses. Lych compensates for its low health with strong resurrected MOAB-class bloons and the ability to become completely invulnerable when triggered. It also sabotages the defense by making it harder to utilize Tower Buffs as well as continually draining lives by spawning Lych-Soul whenever the player triggers Skull Health.


  • Not all buffs will feed Lych. Only non-hero, non-power buffs classified as Charge Charge (unspecified appliable boost) (self-buffs included, namely those from Activated Abilities) are subject to absorption. Influence Influence (unspecified influential boost) buffs are totally safe.
  • If planning to relocate a tower without selling during a Lych battle, use a Support Chinook or Special Poperations Heli Pilot.
  • As Lych cannot overheal itself, only sell towers early in the battle when its health is still close to full.
  • A cheap way to beat the lower tiers is to use Sticky Bomb, as it deals high damage to both Lych and the spawned Lych-Soul. This does not work on harder maps, such as Haunted.
  • Lych during its idle phase moves about twice as fast as Bloonarius.
  • Because Lych does not get infinite heal range until tier 5 on both normal and Elite, it is possible to use buffs away from Lych on earlier tiers without risk of healing Lych, which is particularly helpful for boosting farms on another side of the map or using long distance towers, notably the Elite Defender and M.A.D. However, this is largely map dependent, as some maps will not provide enough space to be permanently safe from Lych's sapping.
  • A strategy utilized in ranked events is using Homeland Defense, and because Lych only sap buffs every 12 seconds, it is possible to prevent Lych from sapping the towers' buffs by sacrificing them with Sun Temples. This is typically utilized with Spike Factories because they leave behind on track projectiles. Note that it is still possible to heal lych this way with sacrificing towers on Arctic Wind platforms, as sacrificing it occasionally acts as selling towers even when sacrificed.


Version History[]

Gravelord Lych's unique dynamic of restricting choice of synergy and buffs in addition to life drain has made Lych fairly difficult upon initial release, though soon meta gameplay versus Lych adjusted to counter Lych. Lych and its Lych-Soul were adjusted to ensure a smoother progression of difficulty across tiers.

Balance changes are shown in terms of player favorability.

  • Released
  • BUFF Lych will no longer drain and heal from the use of powers in non-ranked Boss Event (Thrive, Time Stop, Monkey Boost, etc)
Lych Soul HP has been increased by 1000*tier for both normal and Elite. This is to enhance the scaling formula to slightly prevent lower tiers being 1shot so quickly without changing the higher tiers too much.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Lych-Soul HP has been increased by 1000*tier for both Normal and Elite.
    • New health values (Normal):
      • T1: 280 → 1280
      • T2: 1050 → 3050
      • T3: 4900 → 7900
      • T4: 10500 → 14500
      • T5: 42,000 → 47,000
    • New health values (Elite):
      • T1: 600 → 1600
      • T2: 3600 → 5600
      • T3: 24,000 → 27,000
      • T4: 96,000 → 100,000
      • T5: 480,000 → 485,000
  • NERF Lych will now absorb Absolute Zero buffs
  • NERF [bug, possibly 31.0] Lych-Soul health and speed now scales with freeplay ramping
  • BUFF [bug fix] Fixed Lych-Soul freeplay scaling bug
We feel like the T3 Lych health/difficulty sticks out as a larger obstacle compared to other bosses, and other tiers of Lych, so we are lowering the multiple T3 health values.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF T3 Lych HP decreased from 245,000 → 220,000
  • BUFF T3 Lych-Soul HP decreased from 7,900 → 7,000
  • BUFF T3 Elite Lych HP decreased from 1,200,000 → 1,100,000
  • BUFF T3 Elite Lych-Soul HP decreased from 27,000 → 25,000
  • BUFF All Lych Soul variations can now be stunned/slowed by paragon tier upgrades
    • BUFF (Undocumented, possibly bug) MOAB Glue and above is capable of slowing Lych Soul.
Lych has some cheese strategy in pre-buffing before spawn to get around the draining mechanics, but boss functionality now makes it easy for us to try out a quick change to counteract some of this.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERFLych now also triggers the 'buff drain' attack immediately on spawn


  • [unknown, discovered in 43.2] If Gravelord Lych has enough health, its healing can overflow into damage. An explanation was provided in a video called "Hero bug deals millions of damage to bosses when sold (explanation in description)", which was among the first discoveries on the internet to showcase that bug. According to the calculation of the healing algorithm, it is "Heal = tiers * boss_hp", and the 32-bit signed integer stores the healing value, but due to overflow of the signed integer it causes the negative value to wrap around. Players who exploited this bug in Ranked Mode during Week 152 will get flagged.
  • [28.0] Legend of the night's shield ability will work against Lych's summons but doing so will cause Lych to be immune to damage until the player leave and re-enter the game.
  • [28.0] Sometimes leaving and entering a Lych event way too fast crashes the game. Likely patched in 28.1, as it mentions "Resolved a number of exceptions in various areas that were causing game crashes".
  • [28.0] Exiting and Re-entering the level while Lych battle is on will not resume rounds until pressing play. This will leave Lych fighting alone with the monkeys without capability of resurrecting any bloons, making the entire battle much easier. Patched in 28.2; going back to a game save while the boss is active will now automatically start the round while the boss continues to move.
  • [28.0] On single-player Lych, the player can place more heroes by placing one in a current game then exiting when the next round appears and changing hero. Re-entering the game will allow the player to place the changed hero and keep the previous one. This can be done repeatedly to have all heroes in a single level. However, XP will be split between all heroes on the map like in co-op. Patched in 28.2.
  • [31.0] The health of Lych-Soul is affected by freeplay ramping, causing Lych tiers 4 and 5 (more notably on Elite) to be almost impossible. Patched in 32.0.
  • [28.0] Exiting and re-entering after Lych spawns its reanimated blimps will cause it to not reanimate blimps the second time around provided the round doesn't progress, and it's not the initial round Lych spawns on. This can be a potential life-saver for early tiers as its early reanimated blimps are a big threat, and is actually used in Ranked runs. Patched in an unknown update.


When Lych summons:

When Lych makes a "rallying snarl" after entering the screen:

When Lych reaches its Skull Health:

When Lych is defeated:


True to its name, Lych draws power from others, draining buffs from Monkey Towers and stealing any Monkey's lifeforce when sold to heal itself (avoid buff Alchemists and other familiar activated boosts!)
~ Ninja Kiwi, Version 28.0 patch notes
When damaged to a Skull level on its health bar, the Lych is ethereally immobilized as it revives undead MOAB class Bloons, releases the stiletto-fast Lych-Soul, and steals lives as long as it remains ethereal
~ Ninja Kiwi, Version 28.0 patch notes
Revivified MOABs and the Lych-Soul must be destroyed before Lych will return to normal state
~ Ninja Kiwi, Version 28.0 patch notes
Due to their sheer awesomeness, Heroes are immune to the Lych's buff drain effect
~ Ninja Kiwi, Version 28.0 patch notes
The Lych can revive all MOAB class Bloons besides BADs
~ Ninja Kiwi, Version 28.0 patch notes


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Basic Gallery[]

For a deeper overview of this gallery, see Gravelord Lych/Gallery


  • It was initially teased here on September 28th 2021, and was later revealed on Twitter on September 30th 2021.
  • Normal Lych has exactly 30% less health than Normal Bloonarius of the same level, and the Elite Lych has exactly 40% less health than Elite Bloonarius.
    • [Since 35.0] With exception of Tier 3 of Normal and Elite
  • The resurrection of MOAB class bloons is reminiscent of the resurrection mechanic of Zombie Bloons in Bloons Adventure Time TD.
  • Lych's debut week is Week 13, which is fitting because of the perceived unlucky nature of 13. However, it did not start on a Friday, but rather a New Zealand Thursday (or Wednesday for some timezones).
  • In the real world, Lychs, often called "Lychgates" consist of a roofed porch-like structure over a gate, often built of wood. They usually consist of four or six upright wooden posts in a rectangular shape. On top of this are a number of beams to hold a pitched roof covered in thatch or wooden or clay tiles. They can have decorative carvings and in later times were erected as memorials. They sometimes have recessed seats on either side of the gate itself, for the use of pall-bearers or vigil watchers.
  • Lych name can be a pun on word Lich and Leech with former demonstrating the power of reanimating dead and latter with leeching on something.

Ninja Kiwi Blogs[]

  • According to the October 8th 2021 blog, Ezili likes the aesthetics of Lych.
  • According to the October 16th 2021 blog, Prince of Darkness does not like Lych being nearby the Wizard.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's October 29th 2021 blog, Lych's backstory is considered "too spooky to share", but it is likely just Ninja Kiwi not willing to share this type of lore about Lych.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's June 23rd 2023 blog, when asked: "Has Lych ever considered resurrecting dead monkeys to aid him in defeating the monkeys or is that a line even he finds too horrific to cross?", Ninja Kiwi responded: "We have never seen Lych perform a feat of that power. Maybe it doesn’t have a 25,000gp Diamond?!"